A horse with no name in Whakamarama

The horse which was discovered roaming alone on State Highway 2 in Whakamarama. Supplied Photo.

Western Bay of Plenty District Council is still trying to track down the owner of a large brown stallion discovered roaming alone in Whakamarama.

The horse was first spotted by a member of the public on Munro Road before it bolted across State Highway 2 to Te Karaka Drive where it was eventually captured.

Animal Services Officer Betty Hall says council's roading contractors received a call earlier today reporting a horse was loose on SH2.

She understands the horse was then chased off the highway and onto private property on Te Karaka Drive by police who'd been in the area at the time.

“We went out to locate the horse, and by the time we got to Te Karaka it had gone back across the state highway and into Munro Road.

“Some members of the public and police had managed to safely herd the horse onto a farm on Munro.”

Betty and a colleague are now looking after the horse while they try locate the owners.

If anyone has any information or know who owns the horse please call the Western Bay of Plenty District Council on 07 571 8008.



Posted on 19-05-2017 19:39 | By Papamoaner

Sorry mate, I don't believe your claims. Too much doesn't add up. Anyway, I'm done with this small debate, so I'm out of here now.

@Papamoaner & Waiknot

Posted on 19-05-2017 13:44 | By BennyBenson

Not a townie sorry and never had stock loose on roads because I take my responsibilities seriously especially when it could end up with someone being killed. But I have seen the carnage of horse vs car and that tends to stay with you for a lifetime. You have no idea what my experience is with horses but owning, breeding and training horses all my life more than qualifies my opinion.

Double post

Posted on 19-05-2017 10:18 | By Papamoaner

Sorry about my double post folks. Had a reboot and thought it hadn't sent. Yes Waiknot, Benny's inexperience is showing alright. Mighty fine horse eh! You don't have to kick his tyres to see he's a goodun.

Stuff happens

Posted on 18-05-2017 19:59 | By waiknot

Clearly BennyBenson has never been the victim of bad luck or put a foot wrong. What a boring life he must have had


Posted on 18-05-2017 16:04 | By Papamoaner

Keep up the violin practice Townie. You're doing well.


Posted on 18-05-2017 16:01 | By Papamoaner

Keep up the violin practice. You're doing well Townie.


Posted on 18-05-2017 13:31 | By BennyBenson

Of course it's someone's fault he got out..inadequate fencing or someone let him out. A responsible owner makes sure their stock have good fencing, and are checked on daily, a horse loose on a highway is a recipe for disaster. If the owner doesn't even know he's missing they're a pretty poor owner and shouldn't be getting him back.


Posted on 17-05-2017 17:13 | By Papamoaner

Nah mate, he's happy. Ears up, eyelids down, eye contact. Loves human company. Lovely looking stocky hill country hack in nice condition. Built for a stock saddle. Got a good owner I reckon. Sometimes it's nobody's fault when they get out. Wish he was mine.


Posted on 17-05-2017 17:06 | By Papamoaner

Neigh, you'll never whinnie trotting out a weak pun like that.

Just horsing around

Posted on 17-05-2017 16:33 | By waiknot


golly gosh

Posted on 17-05-2017 16:28 | By old trucker

Im glad he made it safely across the main highway, must have been STRESSFULL for him being chased,must be confusing to him,maybe he was lonely, maybe owners do not realize he is missing, and he will be returned to them,anyway Nobody was hurt and hope he gets to find his home again, i remember i lost my horse in Taupo,someone had untied him,he turned up at home the next night,to my relief, he was then safe,glad he is now safe and all will turn out ok, Sunlive will ,im sure keep us upto date about this, Being No1 in Bay for News im sure they will,Sunlive Thankyou, 10-4.

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