Highway clear after crash

UPDATED: 6pm. At least one person has been taken to Tauranga hospital after a two car collision at the intersection of SH2 and Wilson Road this afternoon.

Western Bay of Plenty road policing manager Senioer Sergeant Ian Campion says the degre of injury and the numbers transported by ambulance are not known at this stage.

The Highway has been cleared of wreckage and the northbound lane has re-opened.


The northbound lane of State Highway 2 in Paengaroa is blocked this afternoon following a two car crash.

Emergency services are at the scene of the crash, which is at the intersection of SH2 and Wilson Road North.

A caller to the 0800 SUNLIVE news hotline says one person was lightly trapped in one of the vehicles, but has now been freed.

Police are working on establishing what happened.

Motorists are being asked to drive with care and be patient as the crash scene is cleared.

At the scene?

Call 0800 SUNLIVE or email photos to newsroom@thesun.co.nz


Driver behaviour/ unroadworthy cars

Posted on 18-05-2017 10:51 | By Border Patrol

Every time you get in the car to drive anywhere you see bad driving- aggressive, tailgating, speed, phone use, failing to give way, failure to adhere to lower speed limits at roadworks and just plain bad driving are some of the usual suspects. The lack of a visible police presence which has got worse over the years has a bearing on this as people know the chances of being caught are relatively low. In addition, the amount of unroadworthy vehicles that we see daily that aren't pulled off the roads is unbelievable. Once upon a time those vehicles would be targeted and taken off the roads but doesn't seem to happen any more, as the police don't seem interested.

Wilson Road Intersection

Posted on 18-05-2017 08:53 | By The Sage

There are a lot of accidents at this intersection. I was driving back from Whakatane and was there minutes after it happened. It was very sobering and I felt shaken as I thought there would have been a fatality. I am always extra careful near these intersections. Returning home, via Hewletts Road, very heavy rain and the same idiots crossing lanes at speed. I thought that these people should be rounded up and taken to show them that accident, but would it make a difference?


Posted on 17-05-2017 19:25 | By R1Squid

That there has only one traffic incident reported today. Witnessed many vehicles travelling in excess of the posted speed limit while tailgating the vehicle in front of them. Probably too thick to realise that their braking systems are less effective when wet.

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