A kilometre of burpees

Tarsh Takao, Vanita Spee, Fee Brando jumping, and Emma Flynn testing out the beach. Photo: Tracy Hardy.

Yes, you read it right. One thousand metres of burpees.

That's the challenge being taken on tomorrow morning at Mount Maunganui, as fitness fanatics see whether they have the mettle to complete the gruelling event.

It's for a good cause, with money raised from registrations and donations going towards charities dealing with domestic violence and youth homelessness.

SPEE Training at the Mount is hosting the event, which starts at the Mount Maunganui Surf Club and carries on 500 metres down to Leisure Island, before competitors turn around and head back up the beach.

Vanita Spee, who owns SPEE Training with husband Reece, says they've had about 50 people register so far.

“Burpees are one of those things people don't like, and a kilometre of burpees is even more daunting,” says Vanita.

“But we've encouraged people to break it down and do it as a team.”

A kilometre roughly equates to 750 burpees for one person, so most will be tackling it as teams.

Among them will be Pronto owner Fee Brando and staff members Tarsh Takao and Emma Flynn. They're doing about 250 burpees each, but plan on doing rotations of 15 each at a time, like a relay.

“We've only just started doing burpees last week. We'll be winging it a bit on the day,” laughs Fee. “But lots of people at the gym have been training very hard.”

People who haven't signed up can still come down on the day and tackle the challenge, and donations are welcome even from those not competing.

The one kilometre burpee challenge starts at 8am, Saturday, May 20, at the Mount Maunganui Surf Club.



Posted on 21-05-2017 14:09 | By Papamoaner

Bugger, I can't beat you. 10/10 for bivvy. You're not a townie at all !This has been like facing the chaser. All the best.


Posted on 21-05-2017 10:15 | By redlindyloo

Well there you go I learnt something today, had no idea why it's called a burpee, just know they're really tiring to do :). I do enjoy our outdoors when I can, but yes tI'm a woosie townie who doesn't like cold and rain so the gym is handy for me haha.A bivvy I'm guessing is a bivouac?

Here ya go redLindyLoo

Posted on 20-05-2017 18:09 | By Papamoaner

I looked it up on Wiki. You were right! The word was invented in the 1930's by R.H Burpee. He was a PhD student doing a thesis on PT training for the military. But I'll stick to tramping thanks. Do you know what a bivvy is? No cheating!


Posted on 20-05-2017 11:18 | By Papamoaner

Haha indeed! You are absolutely correct. I don't even know what the inside of a gym looks like. In my book they are exclusively for young townies. Perhaps good for the body in some ways, but bad for the brain I suggest. My free gym is tramping and hunting in the hills, and the odd bit of climbing when I can get south. Why the hell would I want to pay to go to a townie gym and wriggle like all the other lemmings when we have such beautiful outdoors? The world has gone mad. It's enough to make you burp into your beer. Anyway, thanks for the laugh - you made my day.!

Burpee has been a word

Posted on 20-05-2017 08:50 | By redlindyloo

for a long time Papamoaner. I'm guessing you haven't seen the inside of a gym for over 20 years haha.

I must be getting too old

Posted on 19-05-2017 18:20 | By Papamoaner

What the hell's a burpee? Is it slang for burping whilst having a pee? I know burping is what we do to babies after they are fed, or sometimes done over a beer. Why do they have to make life so complicated by inventing new words that we don't need?

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