NZ First needs chance to prove itself

P Dey (The Weekend Sun, May 26) was correct in saying all governments have accepted that Maori land was wrongfully taken. All the more reason not to vote for National or Labour because they're the only two parties that have created this mess, and they are still sucking up to these self-annexed people who want everything for nothing. Maori had no meaning of ownership, no borders, took what they wanted and had no financial value on land. The two major parties along with the Maori have created this situation of false claims without consulting the rest of the country, so why would you vote for cheats and deceivers? New Zealand First needs a chance to prove what it preaches – standing up to the Maori, stop the massive immigration, look after the elderly and generally put New Zealand first. We are but a small country. More people equals more mess, traffic jams and fewer opportunities for Kiwis. It's your chance to stop National and Labour's hold on the country, and deal with the class system they have put in place.

R Stewart, Te Puke.


now the waitangi tribunal rotates

Posted on 17-06-2017 07:48 | By crazyhorse

Has anybody reading these comments other than me heard of " conflict of interest"?.

Crazyhorse, members of the Waitangi Tribunal rotate hearings

Posted on 16-06-2017 15:25 | By Peter Dey

Crazyhorse, it makes no difference to Treaty settlements, because they are decided by the Government, not the Waitangi tribunal, but when Hugh Kawharu represented Ngati Whatua before the Waitangi Tribunal he would not have been one of the Tribunal members hearing the Ngati Whatua claim. Only some members of the Tribunal sit at any particular hearing. Hugh Kawharu could not be making a claim and simultaneously hearing the same claim.

Crazyhorse, your interpretation of Rotorua is warped

Posted on 16-06-2017 15:03 | By Peter Dey

Crazyhorse, you claim that the majority of Rotorua voters did not want Te Arawa representatives on the Council. The facts seem to show the opposite, which would be sensible considering the importance of Te Arawa to Rotorua. The facts are that the majority of councillors voted to have Te Arawa representatives on the Council. Voters knew this would happen before the election, and still voted those councillors in. Most Maori voters are more concerned politically about their standard of living than about Maori culture, so they vote Labour. That does not mean they do not care about culture. It is just a fact of life for people who are not well off.

Crazyhorse, Treaty settlements cost 0.1 per cent of Government spending

Posted on 16-06-2017 10:02 | By Peter Dey

Crazyhorse, your anger at the Waitangi Tribunal and Treaty translations does not make sense. The Government, not the Tribunal, negotiates Treaty settlements with iwi. It uses the Principles of the Treaty, not the Treaty itself, in dealing with iwi. So whether the Tribunal and its Treaty translations are corrupt or not makes no difference to Treaty settlements. The cost of Treaty settlements is about $80 million per year which is one thousandth of total Government spending of about $80 billion per year. That is not ruining New Zealand for anybody. You provide no evidence that you believe historians write fake history, so I assume that you accept that both official versions of the Treaty of Waitangi are genuine.

Honest Hughy's treaty!

Posted on 15-06-2017 16:18 | By crazyhorse

Hugh Kawharu was a member of the waitangi tribunal from 1986 till1996.His re-translation of the treaty was in 1989.He was a claimant for Ngati Whatua O Orake and entered negotiations with the crown in 1993.

Captain Sensible, you still have not justified your fake history claim

Posted on 15-06-2017 15:57 | By Peter Dey

Captain Sensible, you still have not made any attempt to justify, with credible evidence, your claim that historians are writing fake history.


Posted on 15-06-2017 13:57 | By crazyhorse

Dey continually says the majority of New Zealanders want what the maori party and the "grievance' Industry continue to push for, as in 50/50 governance or unelected seats on council and other boards at national and local government level, the polls show other wise, even up North the majority did not want "race" based seats.Rotorua's Chadwick "gave" Te Arawa council seats and the majority of Rotorua did not want them, Rotorua has around a 3rd of the population maori, they did not care, were not interested.Now we come to the "race" based maori party, if maori are so upset at their treatment at the hands of their fellow NZ's they would flock to this party, it is for maori, but no.Last poll had the maori party on 1%, Dey is wrong, there is a grievance industry and the average maori is wise to it aswell.

More Food for thought

Posted on 15-06-2017 13:45 | By crazyhorse

I have never denigrated the maori culture Dey, I talk about the abuse of the TOW and treaty troughing or treaty troughers.I'm from Rotorua and when I'm back there with visitors the first place I go is the Tamaki village.Dey continually talks as if people that speak out against the constant claims and handouts are "racists, red necks, it's a preprogrammed response of people like Dey it normally works especially with MP's and anyone working in a government agency, but, with people like me na, you're guna have to try harder.Maori culture enriches us all it's an important part of who we are, but, you cannot force a culture on to someone as in making the maori language compulsary in school or putting maori above everybody else, that just causes resentment!.

Crazyhorse, it really is crazy

Posted on 15-06-2017 12:57 | By Peter Dey

Crazyhorse, you and your informants cannot speak Maori, and yet you are seriously trying to debate the translation of Maori by fluent Maori speakers, and you have no fluent Maori speakers who support you. That is crazy.

Food for thought

Posted on 15-06-2017 11:22 | By Peter Dey

There are people who believe that Maori culture is inferior, and that it should be prevented from becoming a greater part of mainstream New Zealand culture. However they cannot say this publicly because that would now be considered racist. What they are doing instead is presenting a huge amount of misinformation to persuade others that Maori are selfishly greedy and getting privileged treatment from the Government. They are presenting misinformation because they make no attempt to provide credible evidence to support their claims. In fact, Maori culture enriches New Zealand and makes us unique. Greater inclusion of Maori culture in the mainstream takes nothing from non-Maori at all.

Crazyhorse, Hugh Kawharu's translation is what the Treaty meant in 1840

Posted on 15-06-2017 10:27 | By Peter Dey

Crazyhorse, no fluent speaker of Maori has disputed Hugh Kawharu's 1989 translation of the Treaty of Waitangi. The Waitangi Tribunal has not changed it as the official translation. Tell us what you think is wrong about it. Your claim that Hugh Kawharu represented Ngati Whatua as well as being a member of the Tribunal at the same time is still without credible evidence. You provide no evidence to support any of your misinformation.

Hugh Kawharu is still retranslating.

Posted on 14-06-2017 17:02 | By crazyhorse

"Honest Hugh Kawharu" tried to retranslate the TOW while he was actually a member of the waitangi tribunal and claimant at the same time, now how that work is beyond me "legally" anyway.I does not matter what Dey or any of the treaty troughers think or want the treaty to mean, it only matters what it meant in 1840, it was penned by Europeans and signed by maori that's all that matters.

Crazyhorse, translating Maori is still the same as for any other language

Posted on 14-06-2017 13:37 | By Peter Dey

Crazyhorse, you have really lost the plot when you claim that leading scholars can no longer be trusted to translate Maori accurately. You claim this because the people who provide you with information are telling you that scholars are mistranslating te tiriti o Waitangi. You cannot speak Maori, and the people providing you with information cannot speak Maori. Yet you are all arguing with fluent speakers of the language about translation meanings. Think about it. What you are claiming is ridiculous.

Crazyhorse, there is no grievance industry

Posted on 13-06-2017 21:55 | By Peter Dey

Crazyhorse, your claim of a grievance industry is unsubstantiated misinformation. Treaty settlements are one off settlements, although compensation is less than 10 per cent of the value of land wrongfully taken. Maori are not agitating for settlements to be reopened. Pakeha, like Crazyhorse, should be grateful that the Government has not paid out full compensation, or paid out for lost income from the Maori land taken wrongfully. So, in fact, taxpayers have been subsidised for over 100 years from the earnings that Governments have received from confiscated Maori land. Not only is there no evidence of a grievance industry, we have Pakeha complaining about Treaty settlements when they should be thankful for them.


Posted on 13-06-2017 17:43 | By crazyhorse

The Hon Pita Sharples asked, When we arrive in the presence of God, what if he asks us: What became of that noble language that I gave you? old matey Sharpy's response will have to be, Our Maori scholars distorted it to such an extent for greed it could no longer be translated. It is obvious from the translations of the Tiriti o Waitangi from Maoridom's leading scholars; the Maori language can no longer be accurately translated into another language.


Posted on 13-06-2017 17:36 | By crazyhorse

With every history "alteration" "revised" meaning of the treaty of waitangi or IWI press release, the claim will be repeated, using the basic principle of the Nazi propaganda machine, that a lie repeated often enough becomes the new truth.


Posted on 13-06-2017 17:33 | By crazyhorse

LICENCE TO PRINT MONEYPosted on 10-02-2015 22:36 | By crazyhorseHow many people know that the Treaty of Waitangi Act 1975 gives the race based Waitangi Tribunal "exclusive" authority to determine the meaning of the Treaty as embodied in the "English" and "Maori texts", that's right campers, exclusive rights to twist it anyway they want, as we are seeing with the Ngapuhi never ceded sovereignty, and now ownership of "our" water! bull ####, and it is bull ####!.


Posted on 13-06-2017 17:07 | By crazyhorse

Great example of the race based Waitangi Tribunal making sure even Serial killers get their share, Ngati Mutunga , originally from Taranaki until they were chased out for, yeah, you guessed killing and eating Folks, killed and ate their way down to Wellington area, jumped on a boat with Ngati Tama, 2 boats actually went over to the Chatham Islands and killed enslaved and ate the peaceful Morori, now they claim the Chathams as their ancestral home along with Hawks Bay, these people were serial killers, and to make it even more disgusting if you get onto their iwi website they talk about the Moriori like they were there closest cuzzies, there are a lot of fair and square treaty claims, but, this makes you wonder eh, "honest John and his maori party, I mean who would appoint an ex Ngai Tahu negotiator like Finlayson,

R.Stewart, Treaty settlements are not a mess.

Posted on 13-06-2017 13:54 | By Peter Dey

Treaty settlements are a perfectly sensible response to the facts of our history. New Zealand Governments wrongfully confiscated land from Maori tribes. The New Zealand Government still exists and the Maori tribes still exist and are not going away. The injustice that is now recognised demands action. If New Zealand First criticises Treaty settlements it is to get votes from anti-Maori Pakeha, but New Zealand First knows that it does not have any valid reason to stop the settlement process if it ever had the opportunity.

Geoff Palmers written Constsitution, for us

Posted on 13-06-2017 09:24 | By crazyhorse

The Citizens Initiated Referendum Act 1993 should never have been passed. The Act should be repealed.- sir "Honest" Geoffrey Palmer, Dominion Post, December 24, 2014. As well as calling for the abolition of citizens referenda, Geoff wants radical changes such as entrenching the Bill of Rights in a new written constitution (to put lawyers and judges in charge of law-making in New Zealand) as well as Better protection of Maori values and aspirations. "Honest" Geoffrey says "his" written constitution won't push Treaty supremacy, he doesn't have to, the concept is being used by National already to justify co-governance, an anti-democratic 50:50 power sharing arrangement, whereby half of the representatives on an official body controlling public resources act for a minority group of tribal elite, while the other half "say" they represent the rest of K1W1's.

R.Stewart, Crazyhorse, Captain Sensible spreading unsubstantiated gossip

Posted on 12-06-2017 09:24 | By Peter Dey

Talk of false claims, separatism, and fake history without any credible evidence to support it is just like pub talk, all wind. These people talk to each other over and over and think that hearing misinformation over and over makes it true. In fact it is simply clear that they have no evidence to support their claims. Their claims are not based on evidence but on their hidden agenda, which would be embarrassing to them to reveal.


Posted on 07-06-2017 14:57 | By crazyhorse

The racist National government made their preferences clear with the RMA debacle, other parties stepped in to try and stop this "separatist " policy. Natouri have painted themselves into a corner now and have no choice after showing their"true" colours.A vote for National or Labour is a vote for maori and the maori party.The country can also do without the likes of Chris Whinlayson, Sian Elias, Dame Patsy and Suzie Devoid let's halt the slide into an apartheid state

'fake history' in NZ

Posted on 02-06-2017 13:24 | By Captain Sensible

Everyone talks about "fake news" but in NZ, we have "fake history" and as Goebbels said, repeat the lie often enough and the brainwashing becomes successful. Our history is forever being tinkered with as the truth about early NZ disappears.

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