Jacinda boosts Bay’s Labour support

New Labour Party leader Jacinda Ardern, right, with deputy leader Kelvin Davis. Photo: New Zealand Labour Party/Facebook.

Jacinda Ardern has been leader of the Labour Party for barely a day, but already she has had an impact on Bay of Plenty support for the party.

Local Labour candidates Jan Tinetti and Angela Warren-Clark both told SunLive their phones had been ringing hot since the news broke yesterday.

Jan, who is standing in Tauranga, calls it an ‘exciting change'.

“Jacinda and Kelvin will bring new energy and vision to the campaign. I've had a number of phone calls and texts from people saying this will breathe life into the campaign again, and they'll be voting Labour now.”

She says they had new volunteers turn up yesterday to join the local Labour campaign, as well as people they hadn't contacted wanting to donate.

Jacinda's relative youth – she's only just turned 37 – might also work in her favour, attracting elusive younger voters turned off by politicians who remind them of their parents, or grandparents.

“My 21-year-old son phoned me last night and said he'd spoken to around 10 of his mates who weren't interested in voting, who are now saying they will be,” says Jan.

Bay of Plenty candidate Angela says she was surprised at how fast the leadership change happened, but always suspected Jacinda would once day lead the party.

“She is a principled, kind, and passionate woman, as well as being very clever. She has the vision to drive us forward and win this election.”

She says the leadership team is now a true reflection of the country, with a female leader and Maori deputy.

“Politics is a hard place to be, and when we look at the patriarchy and the systems we as women operate and live within, this is a win for us. It's also a win for Maori. Having Maori children and a Maori husband myself, it's a win for our family and others.”

Both Jan and Angela express admiration for Andrew Little, who resigned rather than face a bitter battle with caucus to retain the leadership in the face of falling poll numbers.

“I was sad for Andrew, because he's an amazing person,” says Jan. “I think he had a lot to offer and his integrity is amazingly high. But we kind of knew it was coming after what's happened in the last few days.”

Angela agrees. “He is a good man. I'm incredibly sad for him, and I want acknowledge all the work he's done over the years. He is tremendous.”

Bay of Plenty National MP Todd Muller says Labour has now gone through five different leaders since National came into government.

"The rot in the Labour Party runs deep, and won't be changed with a new face at the top seven weeks out from an election.

"At the end of the day this isn't about personalities, it's about policies and vision.

"National has a cohesive and competent  team that is delivering real results for the Bay. We won't be distracted by side shows and will be focusing on the task at hand – growing the party vote locally by talking to our plan for the next three years."



Posted on 13-08-2017 20:51 | By groutby

....if you think at 50k per year that's "rich"...well please do more homework. Some of the comments here are clearly based on "what's in it for me" ...ME..!!.. everything has a little price people, and remember NOTHING IS ACTUALLY FREE..someone pays, it may just be you. FYI: in this election, Maori party support for the National party is not assumed in fact according to Ms Fox, far from it. Looking again at the article, it seems that it is assumed that Maori interests will be better served by a Labour (coalition..with?..Winston?)....do NOT assume this at this stage, it may well just not be the case in the long run.

Hey Todd

Posted on 02-08-2017 18:53 | By Tgaboy

What "real results" are you talking about? Was it increased homelessness? Allowing kiwi homes to be priced out of reach for the average person. The selling of kiwi homes to Asians living overseas? Was it ignoring the average kiwi in favour of the wealthy? Was it giving our water away to foreign companies whilst charging kiwis for their household use? Can you clarify for us please which awesome results you speak of?

Give her a chance

Posted on 02-08-2017 17:56 | By roseh

I agree with some of above National dosen't give a thought to the poor just interested in giving the rich Tax Cuts,No housees more people living rough I could go on and on And yes Mr Hosking should back off at times He couldn't be more Blue,but should keep it to his self New Zealand really dosen't want to know.I would Love to see a change .Go Jacinda


Posted on 02-08-2017 16:03 | By gingerpussy

just because they have a new labour party leader doesnt mean that they will do what they say...national brought us out of the shit, labour will take us down....vote wisely and do your homework carefully....


Posted on 02-08-2017 13:38 | By Capt_Kaveman

remember 56% of nzers dont want Nat either

I see

Posted on 02-08-2017 13:23 | By By Jimminy

I see the unofficial National press officer(Mr Hosking)has attacked her already.25000 said he is politically biased as against about 5000 in a survey.Let us hope we are not going to get dirty politics during this election.l

Policies, Vision & Results

Posted on 02-08-2017 12:38 | By wazzock

What a pathetic comment from Mr Muller - delivering results alright, more homelessness, more people relying on foodbanks, more people shut out of being a part of the community, more national debt, pushing more of the same old tired, worn out answers to problems that they have created.


Posted on 02-08-2017 12:21 | By overit

pull your head in. National might not be so lucky this time around. Many people are fed up with National cozying up to the Maori Party and signing away our Future.

Dear Todd

Posted on 02-08-2017 11:45 | By By Jimminy

Dear Todd you might just be in for a surprise.Fresh talent against the old cronies in the Government who have not solved Housing.Health,Homelessness and Immigration woes after all the time you have had so I do not know how you can use the word competent with much justification.Let us hope so.

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