A plan for reducing pollution levels

Doctor Jan Wright said our pollution levels are rising when we are supposed to get the levels down as the National government signed the Paris Agreement on climate change. Why is it then that the National government is not doing anything about it? Why, because the National government's plan is to spend nearly $10 billion offshore over 10 years paying other countries to reduce their emissions so that we don't have to. They are denying their responsibility to reduce pollution levels and put in place a plan to cut New Zealand's greenhouse gas emissions to 1990 levels by 2030 and to be net-zero carbon economy by 2050.

A plan should be to reforest over a million hectares of marginal pastoral land, commit to clean energy, transport and agriculture, and invest in well-paid jobs in high-value, clean-tech industries. All these things cut crime and pollution, create new jobs and provide habitats for endangered birds.

H Burrows, Papamoa.


Too much tax

Posted on 07-08-2017 12:14 | By the roofer

To steal our money under the guise of "taxation" and waste it like National want, is a crime against NZ taxpayers. We are taxed enough. PAYE, GST, all those duties and taxes on petrol, council rates, GST on council rates, tax on any interest we are lucky enough to earn, taxes on flights and travel. It never ends so what do they do? dream up more ways to fleece us.

They are doing something

Posted on 04-08-2017 16:22 | By MISS ADVENTURE

But obviously not enough. One prime cause is dairy farming practices, Governemnt would ratehr just pay our money overseas than sort teh problem efficiently. Of course there is a simple answer, everyone plant a tree.

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