Crash victim in Starship Hospital

Police at the scene of the crash yesterday. Photo: Andrew Campbell.

The 14-year-old driver of a stolen vehicle that crashed into a tree has been transferred to Starship Hospital.

She remains in a critical condition as a result of injuries sustained in yesterday's accident.

Western Bay of Plenty road policing manager Senior Sergeant Ian Campion says Tauranga Police are continuing to investigate the crash, which occurred at the intersection of Bellevue Road and Windsor Road on Tuesday morning.

“At around 9.40am yesterday morning, police were in the area after receiving a report of a stolen vehicle taken from the Tauranga CBD the previous day,” says Ian.

“A local officer spotted the stolen vehicle at the Bellevue Road and Miller Road intersection and turned around to begin following the driver.

“The officer lost sight of the car by the time he had turned around, and began to conduct a search of the area. A few minutes later, police received a report of a crash on the corner of Bellevue Road and Windsor Road.”

He says the police officer attended the scene to find the same stolen car had crashed into a tree.

The second occupant of the vehicle – also a 14-year-old girl – also has serious injuries, but remains in a stable condition at Tauranga Hospital.

The road was closed but has since reopened.

Next of kin have been informed of the incident and the Serious Crash Unit is investigating.


Maybe ...

Posted on 10-08-2017 09:22 | By chancer

... ACC needs to stop covering those injured while involved in criminal activity and/or under the influence of alcohol/drugs. This might get the message through that this type of behaviour is unacceptable and you are responsible for your own actions. When they are faced with the real cost of the repercussions maybe society will wake up.


Posted on 10-08-2017 09:03 | By overit

These girls knew exactly what they were doing. Obviously did not know how to drive. Its all too common these days, along with running from the cops, but of course the PC brigade will moddle coddle away the extent of the danger these girls put everyone in. I have worked for the Dept. of Corrections you soon learn to harden up with culprits of bad choices. A child knows at 7 what is right and what is wrong even in a house where there is no supervision.


Posted on 09-08-2017 21:47 | By Number eight

That's all you lot are.Yeah ok,the girls in question should not have stolen the car,but they did and now one of them is paying the ultimate price.For gods sake look at their ages,they are just kids 14yrs of age.They made a bad decision and yes I am glad that no innocent people got hurt.But gezz guys to laugh and say good job,makes me think who the hell are the real kids.


Posted on 09-08-2017 21:18 | By Lysdexia

Of the negative comments, 14 year olds are immature did you not know? Also have some dignity in your comments because she may not pull through in hospital. Get a damn life

Get over yourselves

Posted on 09-08-2017 18:10 | By Maree B

These are 2 children who have made a stupid decision and are paying for it . My heart goes out to their parents and I pray they will be okay. You should all be ashamed of your disgusting comments. A car is replaceable. Regards Maree Brown

How did a 14 year old...

Posted on 09-08-2017 17:46 | By GreertonBoy

'Steal' a modern car? You cant just hotwire it like the old days... so obviously the young thug had access to the keys? So, if the children are not known to the owner and the owner left the keys in the car... the owner has some questions to answer. If the children are known to the owner, then the owner needs to not leave the keys where children can take them.... would be nice to have more facts on who owns the vehicle and the relationship of the kids and owner. I thought everyone knew that 12 is the new 30, so of course kids think they are entitled to and can do anything... even drive if they cant see over the dashboard or know the importance of seatbelts... if front seatbelts actually fit kids driving? We need more control over our children...society is out of control

my thoughts on this

Posted on 09-08-2017 16:42 | By old trucker

Why werent these little RATBAGS at school, did the parents show up, me tinks that the parents should be told to remortgage their homes to pay for this,(but hangon)maybe they dont own one and DONT CARE, this is terrible, me knows what i would have done, and a lot of readers to this would agree, get it sorted, be interesting if OUR winning team at Sunlive could keep us posted on this, you bring us great reporting in news, well done N01,Thankyou, 10-4 out.phew.

A pity...

Posted on 09-08-2017 16:14 | By penguin

...that the girls didn't take some time to take into account the likely consequences of their actions. They will now have a long time to mull over their folly and how their stupid actions have affected more than just themselves. There has to be some questions asked. Why, at 14 years old were they not at school? How did they get to this age and choose to behave in this way? Such behaviour and attitude is a product of upbringing and modelling from home and friends. Unfortunately, as much as we would hope that other young people might learn from this incident, it is highly unlikely. Invincibility seems to be a strong belief.


Posted on 09-08-2017 14:54 | By waiknot

It needs to go to court with her parents in the dock with a please explain.


Posted on 09-08-2017 13:58 | By Tgaboy

Young and stupid. Be great if this kind of stuff happened more often to individuals who offend. Seems swifter and heavier than current justice measures.


Posted on 09-08-2017 13:54 | By simple.really

to the owner of the car


Posted on 09-08-2017 13:40 | By chewy

Driver paying a big price.Car owner has a loss.Medical costs won't be cheap.I wonder if the parents would like to chip in?

No supervision

Posted on 09-08-2017 13:15 | By clingon

Where are their fathers?

Car Theft and crash

Posted on 09-08-2017 12:49 | By Denny G

What goes round comes round. How much will this cost us "innocent " taxpayers ?

No sympathy

Posted on 09-08-2017 11:23 | By overit

You want to cool, then dont be a fool.


Posted on 09-08-2017 11:13 | By dumbkof2

about time judges tightened up on people that steal other peoples property. theft is theft and should be treated as an adult crime


Posted on 09-08-2017 10:41 | By Paps 1


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