Police investigate Hewletts Road crash

The cause of the collision is still under investigation.

Tauranga Police are continuing to look into the cause of a crash which saw the rear end of a car ‘wiped out'.

Emergency services were called to a crash between a car and truck on Hewletts Road around 3.30pm.

The crash happened outside the Bakeshack, at the bottom of the Mount Maunganui flyover.

An ambulance was required at the scene and transported two occupants to Tauranga Hospital with what police say were moderate injuries.

The cause of the accident is still being investigated at this stage, say police.


Driving etiquette

Posted on 17-08-2017 12:45 | By comfortablynumb

I always thought the golden rule wasMIRRORSIGNALMANOEUVRE ?

Old Trucker

Posted on 15-08-2017 20:48 | By waiknot

Thank god you don't drive anymore. You put your blinker on and move over? Your blinker is not a magic wand!!!! How about blinker on, LOOK, than move over when safe. Yes the truck driver maybe shaken but nothing like the drivers of the car regardless of who is at fault.

here we go again

Posted on 15-08-2017 11:06 | By old trucker

Ive been in this position with truck, you put blinker on and move over and there is a car there, it is a hell of position to be in, the truck driver would have been shaken up ilbeit, anyway, the picture says it all, this is a warning to car owners ,please be careful around trucks as sometimes it is hard to see everything going on around you while in a rig this big and long, sometimes these things happen, it is sad but true, believe me ,in all the yrs and miles ive put in, have come across GRIZZLY scenes this is nothing, and in the OUTBACKS you are miles from anywhere and help is the same, MOSTLY Helicopter, and with a flying doctor radio in the truck 1 press of the button they will answer within 30 secs, awesome service, like Sunlive,Thankyou,10-4 out,phew.

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