Blokarts at RWC opening

After much secrecy it can now be revealed that Blokarts New Zealand from Papamoa featured in the official opening of the 2011 Rugby World Cup.

The organisation’s involvement was kept under wraps until the opening was held.

Paul Beckett says everything went off without a hitch.

Paul Beckett invented the blokart in 1999 and is now the managing director of Blokarts New Zealand.

He says last night’s event was a great night.

“I wasn’t there but the report from the guys show it was a good event.

“If I had of been there, I would’ve been stressed out. Nothing broke down, which was my fear.”

He says if something did break down there was nothing he could’ve done anyway.

"They wouldn’t have stopped the show."

Paul says one of the creators/artists (of the RWC celebrations) asked them to come and show them what blokarting was all about.

“We did and they loved it and the rest is history. We put quite a bit into it and hopefully we’ll have a bit of a comeback with people coming and using the blokarts and things.”

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Well done Blokart!!!

Posted on 12-09-2011 00:34 | By Demandthetruth

Here is a real Kiwi innovation that has taken the rest of the world by storm. Well done Paul - you are always thinking of new & innovative ways of getting Blokart exposed. Lets hope it keeps growing & growing

Good show from the locals

Posted on 11-09-2011 06:41 | By PREDATOR

Nidce to see that the locals have been part of the opening and something a little different.

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