Transport warning for Te Tumu

: Tauranga need to plan for cycling for transport, as well as recreation. Supplied photo.

Tauranga City Council 'blindness' towards cycling as transport as opposed to recreation is going to impact new housing developments, and their residents, City Transformation Committee members were warned this week.

Jo Wills, chair of SmartGrowth's environment and sustainability forum, says forum members are ‘really nervous' about expectations people will live and work in Te Tumu, the new suburb planned for Papamoa East - when there is no public transport planning.

“One of our concerns, which seems to not go away, is public transport planning for Te Tumu,” says Jo.

“We really need to plan in a strong public transport network, now. And ensure that we are future proofing the corridors for rail, but in the meantime actually looking at buses to get in and out.

“We are really concerned about people being marooned in hubs currently being developed because they may not have access to a vehicle.

“We are quite concerned car dependency is being built into communities, and we would like to see that being factored out.”

The forum has a strong focus on cycling as transport. Jo says there has been a lot of great work done and planned in Tauranga around cycling as recreation.

“We don't wish to impede that at all, but we have a strong focus on cycling as transport and as a priority form of transport in our cities.”

They see cycling as supporting centre-to-centre public transport, so arrivals at a centre are within walking or cycling distance of services.

“We are looking to see cities developed so you can work, shop, or play within a walkable or cyclable place, and if you live outside of that space you are able to access good public transport to get to and from.,” says Jo.

If city planners want all the people moving into the city, they have to allow outer centres and development areas link into the city.

“So it goes back to public transport networks.”

Investment in public transport networks will reduce congestion on road for those still driving cars, says Jo. Their journeys will be safer, quicker; and they will be able to find car parks more easily.

In reply to a question from councillor Max Mason about whether cyclists would revert to using cars in the rain or in winter, Jo says the issue is not about getting wet, it's about having adequate changing facilities at the destination.

“Cycling in the rain is not an issue. Sitting all day in your office, wet, is,” says Jo.

“If there are adequate and good change facilities at the destination for commuters it is not an issue.”

She pointed to the changing facilities planned for the Harington Street carpark building as an example.


What irritates me... more

Posted on 07-09-2017 10:59 | By Pantone351

To the commentator above. Good cyclist do obey laws like good motorcyclist do. Its the idiots in society lacking brain cells that don't. As for your comment about not paying a cracker for infrastructure, they actually do, its called GST. If you think our roads are solely funded by registration you would be dreaming. I would also challenge you to find a cyclist that doesn't own a car! This is New Zealand and you need one to travel around this great country. Tauranga needs to encourage cycling as this city is perfect for it. We need less people driving, getting fat and polluting our city. FYI the above image is of a cycle race (see the race number/sticker on the riders helmets) so the road would have been closed with the help of council.Remember when you see a cyclist its one less car.

Greerton Boy

Posted on 07-09-2017 09:45 | By RawPrawn

You say 'look at the picture'. I did, and what struck me was that practically everybody in it would also be a motorist and/or motorcyclist, paying exactly the same road user charges as you. Or more, if they own more than one vehicle. Looking more closely you can also deduce from the presence of road cones and a pace car that this was an organised event and allowance had been made for the numbers


Posted on 07-09-2017 00:13 | By Capt_Kaveman

move the power poles and widen the road along Papamoa beach road like ive have been trying to tell them for decades

What irritates me...

Posted on 06-09-2017 23:45 | By GreertonBoy

is that we motorcyclists and motorists have LAWS to obey? We have to stop at red lights and pedestrian crossings and we cant ride/drive on foot paths... and we have to pay and pay and pay for the privilege of using the roads. Look at the picture, there are cyclists 5 wide, crossing solid lines and squeezing between traffic... all while not paying a cracker for the use of the infrastructure WE motorists must pay for? What if motorcyclists decided to ride 5 abreast and dart everywhere and anywhere as well? We would be booked. To ME... ALL road users should obey the ROAD RULES. I am too afraid to ride a motorbike on the road any more, I recognise the risk is far increased. If cyclists choose to put themselves at risk with no safety equipment other than panty hose and a funny helmet, that's their choice ofrisk

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