Edgecumbe flood clean-up almost complete

The Edgecumbe township was flooded back in April. File Photo.

The majority of silt and debris have now been cleared for victims in the Edgecumbe flood.

The Earthquake Commission has cleared silt and debris for 251 properties in Edgecumbe, which is 92 per cent of all claims it received following the April 2017 flood.

General manager customer and claims Trish Keith says that EQC's response to the Edgecumbe flood required a different approach than EQC would typically take following such a natural disaster.

 “The government asked EQC to clear silt and debris from underneath and around people's properties and we have managed this work with the local councils and five contracting companies.

“EQC is in the process of scheduling the work for 11 of the remaining 21 properties. In addition, we will finalise the claims for the other 10 homeowners, who have been issued with a Dangerous Building Notice or a ‘red sticker', once their settlement with the local council has been agreed.”

Trish says that EQC's response team was on the ground immediately after the flood occurred.

She says that EQC‘s joint effort with the local councils and contracting companies has delivered great outcomes for customers.

“We have built an excellent relationship with the Whakatane District Council in regard to the response planning and therefore we have been able to co-ordinate our resources and approach to the clean-up operation.

“This has included working closely with all of the contracting companies who have been working to clear each property. The overall feedback from residents and our partners has been really positive about the work EQC has been doing.”

EQC will continue to have a presence in Edgecumbe to support homeowners, contractors, and the local council until all claims are settled.

“The Edgecumbe floods were part of more than 1,000 claims EQC received following the storms in April this year.

“We are very happy with the progress that has been made to clean-up the properties in Edgecumbe in the past six months since the flood happened," says Trish.

"Our work in resolving all remaining claims is continuing as quickly as possible and customers can talk to EQC at any time for updates or to discuss their claim."

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New Orleans repeat?

Posted on 23-09-2017 15:15 | By MISS ADVENTURE

Looks like a better place to be would be the other side of the river, looks a little drier there? Sinking ground and low level means going to happen again. Like that is new. lets build a town in a hole, the brillance of these moves is just mind numbing! But then to stay there and await a repeat ... there is just no explaining away the interlectual capacity here for self preservation, avoid disaster ... perhaps just looking for attention and getting it makes it all worthwhile somehow, I do not understand it.

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