Addressing transport challenges

Residents in Tauranga and Western Bay of Plenty are being asked for their thoughts about transport challenges that need to be addressed over the next 30 years. 

The survey focuses on challenges that face Tauranga's transport network as the city and region grow exponentially over the next few decades. 

Feedback from the survey will feed into a 30-year transport plan that is being led by the city council in conjunction with SmartGrowth, Bay of Plenty Regional Council, Western Bay of Plenty District Council, and the NZ Transport Agency.  

Tauranga Transport Committee chair, Rick Curach, says public feedback will help determine the region's response to challenges like increasing population, more vehicles on the road and the safety of people who need to move around Tauranga City. 

“Many of our challenges revolve around the fact that here in Tauranga we rely on cars more than any other city in New Zealand. In the next decade we're expecting to see an extra 20,000 vehicles travelling each day on our main roads."

In the next 30 years the city's population will reach 180,000, not including people who commute into the city from the Western Bay, says Rick. 

“Feedback we get from the transport survey will help the councils and other agencies prioritise transport investment.

"We've done a huge amount of work, which is ongoing, to build an efficient network for all road users.

"One of the questions we're asking is: should we put more priority on providing better public transport, walking and biking options for people over the next 30 years?” 

The transport survey is open for feedback until October 27 and can be accessed via Tauranga City Council's website.


The irony?

Posted on 26-09-2017 22:49 | By MISS ADVENTURE

Our wonderful Councillors have decided to get a sinking lid operation on the CBD, "squeeze out" the cars and make it a wonderful place of people and trees but no cars. All the lovely wonders that all can "dream" of as get old and dotty! The plan in progress is that if TCC eliminate the car parks then no where for cars to park means no cars, just people and trees left, that is the plan. However to small fly in that cunning plan is that the people are there becasue they have cars to get there, the trees dont provide reason to go and stay nor a means to go there either. The end of the CBD is close, yet they still wonder why its all happening.

But none of it matters really

Posted on 26-09-2017 20:29 | By Papamoaner

In the general scheme of things. After the planet has kicked us off by means of war, disease, bee extinction (no pollination, so widespread global starvation), everything will return to normal in a few hundred years. The next species might find the remains of the last surviving computer and take it as proof that there "really is a god" Amen.


Posted on 26-09-2017 20:23 | By Papamoaner

And my perception was intensified tonight when I heard on the news that a big jet takes 8 (yes, eight) road-tanker loads of fuel. That is a HUGE volume of exhaust gasses exiting into the upper atmosphere jet streams on an international flight. Now multiply that by hundreds of aircraft aloft at any one time. The mind boggles.


Posted on 26-09-2017 17:33 | By namxa

Dead right mate. Seems no one in a position of power/influence ever alludes to the big picture. Money rules.


Posted on 26-09-2017 15:57 | By soo

Yes, more priority on public transport,cycling etc.

Please: more buses, cycleways, walkways and housing choices

Posted on 26-09-2017 13:01 | By Sollygirl

Building more and wider roads INCREASES rather than reduces traffic congestion! I have no problem with cars, just that drivers must pay the true cost of this transport choice. We save money, improve our personal and community health, increase city liveability and reduce carbon emissions by adding cycling, buses and walking to our transport mix. Change the city plan to allow increased housing density (low rise apartments, town house and row houses) near transport hubs and Tauranga will transform into the most amazing city in the Pacific.

Can't even...

Posted on 26-09-2017 12:02 | By Me again

fight their way out of a plastic bag let alone design roads to cater to the multitude just saying

Efficent and effective

Posted on 26-09-2017 11:10 | By MISS ADVENTURE

Public transport, that is the key long term element missing from tauranga and area.


Posted on 26-09-2017 09:07 | By Capt_Kaveman

better intersections, better traffic light phasing, wider roads, they already have lots of input from the public but all those as above are just over paid idiots and no matter what you suggest they just ignore it

We're jointly self destructive without long term vision

Posted on 26-09-2017 08:40 | By Papamoaner

The planet is gradually becoming covered in motor vehicles and that includes oceans with thousands of big jet aircraft movements inside the natural "jetsreams" where their widely distributed emissions are trapped, so probably continue to accumulate. It all contributes to small increases in seawater evaporation where "small" has a big effect, ironically resulting in possible seal level increases due to ice melt - a fearful oxymoron that will be our demise within another century if we don't find alternative ways to move people around. Meanwhile we just build more roads and roundabouts. Quick fix smart, long term dumb.

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