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Regarding the proposed Wairoa Bridge. Over-burdened and struggling Western Bay ratepayers can breathe a sigh of relief that practical economics and engineering practice has achieved what common sense originally could not. A few weeks ago the press and TV confirmed what analysts and the Western ward ratepayers have been saying – that we are the highest-rated urban people in NZ, and need to curb unnecessary and unaffordable non-essential spending. Cycle ways are a ‘nice to have' but the huge cost for a limited number of users is debatable. If council must proceed, then the clip-on option long-advocated by practical, thinking people for more affordable reasons must be re-examined. The original bridge, along with a new Katikati library, of hugely increased size, but with a documented big decrease in library usage, were both grossly unaffordable and not needed in today's high-rate climate. Rate relief is what we need most. Some councillors have said there will not be an increase in rates for the library, yeah right! We all know councils, like government, cannot spend a dollar without taking it off someone else first. This is basic common sense.

N Mayo, Katikati.

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cashcow rate payers

Posted on 07-10-2017 19:16 | By phoenix

Shame on you Mr Mayo for using common sense and western bay district council in the same breath. Where are all the pre-election promises of only spending where absolutely warranted? Any elected councilor opposing spending on Wants not Needed was sent to Siberia by the incoming mayor to fob off their, Lets just send the rate payer the Bill, Mentality.

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