Four crashes in 12 hours in Tauranga

Fatigue is said to have played a part in the crash on State Highway 36. Photo: Ryan Wood.

Early indications highlight speed, fatigue and a lack of control as playing a role in a series of crashes around Tauranga yesterday.

Western Bay of Plenty road policing manager Senior Sergeant Ian Campion says a total of four crashes occurred on Tauranga roads in a 12 hour period.

“At 9.34am a single car crash occurred on Waihi Road and there were no injuries.

“A driver lost control in this accident, struck the kerb. That vehicle was towed away.”

Following this, was another crash just after 12pm on State Highway 36 near Joyce Road.

“Two vehicles collided and early indications are that fatigue played a part in the collision with one vehicle crossing the centre line,” says Ian.

“One driver was taken to Tauranga Hospital with what is described as moderate injuries.”

He says a further two minor crashes were also reported to police.

“At 10.34am an extremely minor collision occurred at the intersection of Hewletts Rd and Maru St, no injuries were sustained and there were no blockages.

“Another collision also occurred around 5pm at Farm Street, where an elderly driver crashed into a parked school van that was unoccupied.”



Posted on 11-11-2017 14:11 | By Kenworthlogger

Your spot on the money there brother...

Wake up

Posted on 01-11-2017 21:44 | By Capt_Kaveman

the main cause is crap drivers and until police target these elite idiots things will never change


Posted on 01-11-2017 17:58 | By Kenworthlogger

When you read the article and realised that the elderly driver smashed into a parked car then ageism is the least of their worries. Im wondering why your concerned about the description of the driver rather than wondering if this person is fit for driving at all? The mind boggles..

Would be great

Posted on 01-11-2017 17:11 | By Christine1965

if the entire car was unable to receive or transmit when the engine is turned on. Like compulsory flight mode! Not sure how it could be done, but there must be a way for some inventor.


Posted on 01-11-2017 16:48 | By jaydeegee

Why is one of the drivers involved in a crash described as 'elderly' yet no ages given for the other drivers?

Thats terrible Jed..

Posted on 01-11-2017 15:33 | By Border Patrol must be wondering if you have a target on your car! As for the re-sealing, they use the coarse stones everywhere. We're in Te Puke and regularly commute to Rotorua and dread this time of year onwards. I've lost count of the number of windscreens we've had to replace, the roads are never swept properly, and we've already just got another star chip on a windscreen not even a year old! I don't know how the contractors get away with it but they do.

@Mein Fuhrer

Posted on 01-11-2017 12:28 | By morepork

I agree. There is far too much of it going on. Police need to blitz this and the penalty should include confiscation of phone for a given period, until they realize they are endangering OTHER people as well as themselves...

I thought the same...

Posted on 01-11-2017 10:09 | By Border Patrol

..the number of people you see on phones is astounding. From what I've seen it's not any particular age group, I've seen young mothers with kids in the car, older women, men etc etc. It is so easy now to get bluetooth hooked up that there is no excuse. It comes back to the attitude that a lot of kiwi drivers seem to have- arrogance, thinking they know best, and knowing that most likely, they will not get caught as the chance of a police officer catching them are slim.

Been hit 4 times this year!!

Posted on 01-11-2017 09:56 | By jed

Rear ended twice, someone reversing from angled parking hit us while driving, and last week someone smashed into our car while parked at bayfair , and hard enough to shunt my large car into a tree. Totally fed up! Also, what is up with the council using coarse chip to reseal residential streets in Mt Maunganui? Looks awful, is noisy, and they don't clean up the stones.

I wonder

Posted on 01-11-2017 08:48 | By Mein Fuhrer

how many were using their phones, every day on my motorcycle I see lots of social media junkies swiping their precious smart phones while driving their cars in busy traffic.

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