Performance centre kicked to touch

Existing council building will have to be demolished before the performance centre can be built. Photo: Supplied.

City councillors have ducked a call on a $78 million performance centre for the city, putting it off until the next ten year plan.

Committee chair Larry Baldock says the cost is too much to impose on ratepayers given that the city council is already looking at a new administration building and museum.

The motion was upheld by committee members but the non-voting members spoke against it.

The decision puts off making the call on the performance centre until the 2021/2031 ten year plan, sidelining it for at least three years until the current plan is reviewed.

Councillor Max Mason says the only way to save it, is for public to speak up for the performance centre in the upcoming long term plan public submission process.

While the city council cannot currently afford it, it remains open to proposals from Bay Venues Ltd or the Paul Adams inspired City Action Group to co-fund and lead the project at any time, says Larry.

The feasibility case undertaken on the performance venue shows there is a strong case for a larger venue, says Larry.

“The issue around the timing is where the problem sits. We hear the consultant's recommended it is in the next five years, but as we consider the obligations we have going forward with all of the challenges in this current LTP we do not, I do not feel that we can responsibly advance this project at this time, though we hope it does get advanced.”

Councillor Gail McIntosh says the council's current Long Term Plan is ‘significant' and they don't need to go down the track with another $40 million.

“By putting the land aside and putting in grass, there's not going to be a big complaint if we dig it up to put a performance centre on it,” says Gail.

“We like the idea, but just not in this three years. In five years' time we might end up with a bigger one.”

With the new government stating it is going to be putting a billion dollars into the regions each year, there could be a change in financing, says Gail.

“This is the sensible and pragmatic resolution at this time in regards the performance venue.”

Councillor Steve Morris says the pressure the council is under with its long term plan budget is symptomatic of the way council's get funding by billing property owners twice a year.

“The rating system is no longer sustainable in terms of funding cities,” says Steve. “It's a challenge we not only face ourselves, but other councils do, particularly the other growth councils.

“The days of funding cities and amenities by a couple of invoices to property owners each year is no longer sustainable. This is in fact a victim.”

Councillor Max Mason says they have a budget coming up that is more than they can afford and there are going to have to be some tough cuts.

“I guess what we are doing is trying to gauge the mood of the public with the LTP, and we think this probably wouldn't get through,” says Max.

“This is a challenge to the community. If they do want to see a performance centre of this size and scale, they should come to the Long Term Plan.”


Don't be fooled.

Posted on 11-11-2017 12:48 | By Murray.Guy

Don't be fooled, the Performance centre is NOT kicked to touch. What in reality has happened is the 'covers have been pulled over it'. The project is temporarily transferred to the 'shadows and back rooms'. The Mason, Molloy, Baldock, Clout type folk will be very much aware of the 'Paul Adams CAG' list of demands that includes further destroying the Domain with a rugby stadium, mindful of their many $1000's invested in candidates electioneering last October,

Pro Museum People!

Posted on 09-11-2017 12:46 | By waiknot

Your silence on this thread is like thunder.

@ waiknot

Posted on 08-11-2017 13:26 | By MISS ADVENTURE

I think you will find that they all think that a Muesum is the #2 priority, the three waters and roading are not. That a massive new costly Ivory palace is perhaps THE #1 priority above all esle. Right now there is no money to pay for any of the crazies to spend up as they want, it will result in massive debt, interest and spirralling rates.


Posted on 08-11-2017 06:40 | By overit

Council might at last have woken from 'dream time'. Stay awake and focused please!!

Wrong Priorities

Posted on 08-11-2017 05:33 | By johnmcd03

Kick the Museum to touch. That's what the rate payers asked for Larry.

No museum

Posted on 07-11-2017 22:31 | By Angels

Why are they still trying to push the museum when the majority of ratepayers are against it.Totally deaf. Council to the ratepayers


Posted on 07-11-2017 21:33 | By The Caveman

The Council has actually decided NOT - YES NOT - saddle the ratepayers with another $78 million of DEBT !!! - Actually $78 million to day, but it would be at LEAST - $95-$120 million when it would finally completed in 3-4 years time.

To Quote

Posted on 07-11-2017 17:57 | By waiknot

Councillor Max Mason says they have a budget coming up that is more than they can afford and there are going to have to be some tough cuts. Easy get rid of the nice to haves and focus on the necessary. Goodbye Museum.

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