Why invite problems here?

Someone should tell Jacinda, our naive PM, that on Monday's AM Breakfast Show poll about 80 per cent of those who voted were against New Zealand taking any of the Manus Island boat people, or asylum seekers as they call themselves. They have caused no end of problems amongst themselves and for the authorities responsible for looking after them since being there, so why would we want them here?

People throughout the Western world are absolutely fed up with foreigners turning up on their shorelines expecting to be let in and be given everything that the locals have worked hard all their lives to own. Most have totally different religious and cultural views to the countries that they are trying to invade, which begs the question ‘Why do they want to come?' With all the brutal terrorist attacks being committed around the Western world by refugees and so-called asylum seekers, why would we want to invite those sort of problems here?

M Hills, Hairini.

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Remember - all them boat people were looking to get into Aussie

Posted on 10-11-2017 23:02 | By The Caveman

If we take a few, they will suck on the taxpayer tit in NZ for three years, get a residence permit, and then try to flick of to Aussie - their original intention. Remember the Aussie government have a policy that NO boat people will get into Aussie. We take 150 of them (pay them benefits etc) and then they will look to jump the ditch - sorry the will be BLACKLISTED by the Aussies, NZ residence/citizenship or not...... watch the space.

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