Assistance to refugees

During the 80s, through church patronage, my wife and I assisted in the initial settlement of the families of 17 Vietnamese, four Russians, four Iraqis and four Czechoslovaks. None of them is now in the country. Most used it, by obtaining citizenship, as a way of moving to Australia or the US. Some made considerable use of social services with little apparent appreciation but a sense of entitlement. Charity is a laudable quality but should be exercised selectively, where genuinely needed and not as emotional balm. 

B Johnson, Omokoroa.

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And yes, it's a well known

Posted on 10-11-2017 22:54 | By The Caveman

fact internationally, that NZ is seen as a soft entry to Aussie for people who have been unable to get direct entry to Aussie. And its not long from the day that Aussie will require pre-travel visa's for NZ residents / citizens that were NOT born in NZ. The bottom line is, cannot get into Aussie, try entry to in NZ - accepted - YAH - hang around in NZ for three years and get a residence permit and then you can hop the ditch to Aussie - NO PROBLEMS. And I don't have a problem with Aussies shutting the "soft door" - might even slow the numbers of so called immigrants that want to come to NZ.

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