Savings may be illusionary

V Seator (The Weekend Sun, October 27) is trying to sell privately to save real estate fees. My son recently sold his lifestyle property. Early on he received a private offer (verbal). He obtained a valuation by a registered valuer ($750) who valued it at $10,000 above the offer. This seemed to be a fair discount as there were no agents' fees. It then took four weeks for the buyer to put the offer in writing. The claim of being a cash buyer evaporated with a finance clause in the offer. After another week the buyer walked, they couldn't obtain a mortgage. Called in the local agents. They valued the property considerable higher than the valuer. The property hit the market on a Thursday, Saturday he had three offers (two above asking price), the final initials were completed Monday, and also a back-up contract. Wednesday the contract went unconditional, and was settled the following Wednesday. The price obtained was $110,000 more than the private offer. Doesn't give you much faith in valuers either. Does my son begrudge the agents' their fee? Heck no! So V Seator the $25,000 that you think you are going to save may be totally illusionary. R Prince, Welcome Bay.


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