Stop being scared of Jacinda

R Paterson (The Weekend Sun, November 3) finds Jacinda Ardern's left-wing socialist, agnostic, feminist, carbon emission tax, Maori separatist, treatyist, and child poverty sympathies scary. Well she is not a socialist. Socialists believe in government control of everything. About half the population is agnostic according to the 2013 census. As a feminist she wants equitable treatment for women. So does the majority of the population. Only fools believe that climate change is not serious. She is not a Maori separatist. They want separate Maori government. Three of the four major political parties are treatyists (supporting the principles of the Treaty of Waitangi). The majority of voters from the recent election want child poverty removed, and if it costs money it will be worth it.  R Paterson should stop being scared of Jacinda and go fishing. P Dey, Welcome Bay.


Socialist PM?

Posted on 13-11-2017 12:58 | By phoenix

What socialist lefty governments do Best is TAKE money from people who ARE prepared to WORK, BUDGET,SAVE, RAISE their OWN CHILDREN RESPONSIBLY. And GIVE it to people who are NOT.

Taxinda Adern

Posted on 13-11-2017 11:33 | By Captain Sensible

Adern, who has never done a days real work in her life, is very much pro-maori privileges. Anything maori get on the basis of race, that is denied to the rest of Kiwis, makes her a separatist. She is very much a brainwashed out-of-touch wide eyed socialist. All the nonsense about wanting to cut down immigration, no TPP and millions of trees and houses. Lies, lies, lies and lies.

P. Dey

Posted on 12-11-2017 20:26 | By Fonzie

Tells us that Jacinta Arden is not a SocialistVery strange as in 2008 she was president of the International Union of Socialist Youth

Jacinda does not want separate Maori government

Posted on 10-11-2017 17:14 | By Peter Dey

Maori separatists want separate Maori government. Jacinda does not want separate Maori government. She is not a Maori separatist.


Posted on 10-11-2017 12:40 | By Captain Sensible

"She is not a Maori separatist. They want separate Maori government. " Sounds like you just tripped yourself up!

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