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More information days are being held this week on the Te Tumu development. Supplied photo.

Two Te Tumu information days this week are giving residents the opportunity to help shape the design of the new town in Papamoa East.

On Wednesday and Thursday (November 15-16), people will be able to learn how the project has progressed over the last two months, and share feedback on draft plans for the future urban growth area which is intended to house more than 15,000 people.

Tauranga City Council is working with landowners, developers, iwi and hapu to collaboratively decide what the Te Tumu area should look like.

Work on Te Tumu has moved into the master planning phase since the last information days in September, modelling what the area could actually look like.

This includes looking at how and where to place commercial areas and open space, the internal roading network and community facilities, what housing types will be provided, and where areas of natural and cultural features are that need to be protected.

“We'd like to thank everyone who joined us at the September information days, and for the great feedback you gave us,” says Mayor Greg Brownless.

“You told us we need to provide for a variety of different housing types, adequate infrastructure like a connection to the Tauranga Eastern Link, plenty of trees and open space for all ages, and great community facilities.

“You also underlined the importance of preserving and protecting the environment and archaeological sites in the area, and we get that.

“With this feedback, work has begun on the Te Tumu master plan. We have drafted some options and are now at the point that we would like the community's views on these.”

More than 300 people attended the September information days.

This week residents will again be invited to review and provide their feedback on the first draft master plan for the area, showing the different land uses (e.g. residential, commercial, town centre, active reserve, education etc.) and the proposed roading network.

The information days will also serve to gather the community's input on the kind of facilities they would like to see in Te Tumu parks and reserves, how people would like to access and use the beach and the Kaituna River, and what people want in terms of transport options.

“Council staff, landowners, developers and our stakeholders have lots of ideas and differing points of view on what should be provided in Te Tumu. Help us decide which ideas we should explore further,” says Greg.

The information days are on Wednesday November 15, from 3pm to 7pm, and Thursday November 16, from 3pm to 6pm, at the Papamoa Community Centre (next to the library), 15 Gravatt Road. People can drop in at any time and the content presented will be the same on both days.

People unable to attend the information days can still be involved and have their say by completing the survey online from this Wednesday and up until Friday December 15.

For more information visit the council website, or email tetumu@tauranga.govt.nz


@ Smilarkie

Posted on 14-11-2017 15:18 | By MISS ADVENTURE

That sums up the full and open "public consultation process" and meeting with Council , NZTA, development plans, the Council and developers have already decided all the costs that ratepayers are going to wear, pay dearly for so as the developer profits are maximised and no risk to them. Isnt the world wonderful.

@ CC8

Posted on 14-11-2017 15:15 | By MISS ADVENTURE

Yes, except this time not a river but a ocean, the salt water wont retreat and will keep on coming.

Waste of time.

Posted on 14-11-2017 12:02 | By Smilarkie

Went to one of these a couple of years ago and listened to what they had to say. Others voiced their opinions, but at the end of the day, it means nothing. I clearly overheard a developer turn to another and say "these are just a tick the box part of the process, we've already decided what will go where, wish they would all leave so I can go home". Developers are nothing but gready low lifes. They care about nothing but the bottom dollar.


Posted on 14-11-2017 11:28 | By CC8

should be finished just in time for the developers to cash in, and cash up before the rising sea starts to create flooding problems. Edgecumbe here we go again.

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