Putting the lid on 10,000m3

McLeod Cranes places the aluminium lid on the new Joyce Road reservoir. Photo: McLeod Cranes.

Tauranga city’s newest reservoir at the Joyce Road treatment plant has been constructed with an aluminium geodesic dome roof – design easier to install and self-supporting, and doesn’t need the internal columns or roof-supporting beams that a traditional concrete roof requires.

The new roof is much lighter and easier to maintain than some of the older reservoirs in service. The new reservoir is partially buried.

The original Joyce Road plant was opened in 1958 and was replaced in November 1997. It was built to serve the Mount Maunganui Borough. The new Joyce Road treatment plant was the first in New Zealand to use microfiltration technology for public water supply. Supplied by water from the Tautau Stream, the plant can produce up to 37,000 cubic metres of water a day. This is enough to supply the whole of Tauranga city during the winter when demand is lower.

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Posted on 18-11-2017 13:20 | By Capt_Kaveman

but you still put poison in it so it become undrinkable, it costs me $500/yr to buy drinkable water

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