City financial options discussed

City councillors are strategizing financially today

How the city council can extract more funding from the government instead of taxing ratepayers is the subject of a public workshop today.

Today's session open to the public is part of a series of briefings to provide city councillors with accurate and detailed background information in order to develop the Long Term Plan.

The financial strategy workshop will explain how the current local government funding model provides limited revenue opportunities outside of rates and user fees, and that councillors and staff need to consider a different financial strategy to address the increased costs of population growth, legislative and regulatory expectations, and staged infrastructure projects.

The LTP sets the Council's vision, direction, work programme and budgets for the next 10 years, and is revised every three years.

The process enables the council to consider and balance the major issues facing the city, and the opportunities to deliver positive outcomes for the community in the next 10 years.

The task facing council staff is how best to deliver an LTP that will provide a higher standard of living for all, while working towards delivering an internationally competitive city that balances economic, social, cultural and environmental wellbeing.

The public are able to listen today, but the response will be when the Long Term Plan Consultation Document goes out for public consultation in March next year.


The photo - 1,000 words

Posted on 28-11-2017 22:03 | By MISS ADVENTURE

A lot of gold (not real stuff - fake) and not much sense left (silver and cooper well depleted) so how do you make that balance up and look good. You cant, all that is going to happen is that the mountain of fake gold is going to topple over.

@ waiknot

Posted on 28-11-2017 13:32 | By MISS ADVENTURE

Better plan, "stop" spending!

Here’s an idea

Posted on 21-11-2017 07:35 | By waiknot

Try spending less


Posted on 21-11-2017 07:29 | By Angels

Maybe the council should get their heads out of their back sides and quit spending like a bunch of drunken sailors.They to date are the most reckless spenders I have seen in the past 60years.Now they are trying to figure out who is paying for their irresponsibility.Time for council to wake up.the ratepayer to protest and to never have this council total council kicked to the side line.Listen to the ratepayer.

Local rates

Posted on 20-11-2017 16:56 | By socantor01

This would be unnecessary if the Govt would do its duty and pay the council the GST collected from cruise ship passengers.

either way

Posted on 20-11-2017 15:12 | By Captain Sensible

The government gets it's money by taking money from us. They call it "tax". Either way, us mugs end up paying.

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