Suspicious man asking for money in CBD

A man entered Smiths Sports Shoes this morning and asked for a large amount of money. Image: Google Maps.

Police are asking people and retailers in the CBD to keep an eye out for a man asking for large amounts of money in the CBD.

The man entered Smiths Sports Shoes this morning and asked for around $400, claiming his bank accounts had been closed down.

He is described as wearing a black coat, has a mullet, and looks around 40-50 years old. He was also carrying a purple bag.

A police spokesperson confirms they received a call about the man earlier today.

“We've advised the store owner to call police again if the man returns.”

Retailers are also advised contact the police if they have any concerns of a similar nature.



Posted on 22-11-2017 23:42 | By Capt_Kaveman

power companies and petrol stations rip Millions of people everyday and no one says nothing

Homeless person

Posted on 22-11-2017 20:07 | By About that

I have seen this turkey, He is a homeless person and hangs out alot in the park walkway up the hill just above Sun Media down by the strand. I ran into him one day down by the strand water front asking for money too. He stank of booze and looked pretty wasted. A good place for the cops to find him would be where I said. Lets hope he doesnt decide to get violent when someone says no to his request as who knows what he may be taking for a fix.

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