Petition for Maori wards vote launched

A petition is being circulated to call for a poll on the issue of Maori wards in the Western Bay of Plenty. File photo.

A petition for a poll on the proposal to set up Maori wards in the Western Bay of Plenty District has been launched.

Western Bay of Plenty district councillors voted 9-3 on November 21 to create Maori wards in the area.

This followed a unanimous decision by the council’s Tauranga Moana/Te Arawa ki Takutai Partnership Forum on November 10 that there should be representation through the creation of Maori seats for the 2019 and 2022 elections.

Lead petitioner Richard McNair says he believes Maori wards are not necessary for council decisions, which are mainly to do with roads, clean drinking water, sewage, drainage, libraries, sports facilities and cultural centres, all of which are for the benefit of everyone irrespective of ethnicity.

"This is an important issue. Residents and ratepayers in those four areas are entitled to have a say in such a radical shift in representation arrangements.”

A total of 1705 signatures must be delivered to Western Bay of Plenty District Council by 5pm on February 21, 2018, to trigger a poll which would then be held between February and May of 2018.

Those who wish to sign the petition and/or help collecting signatures should contact Richard on 0274749812 or via email

A round of representation reviews this year required under the Local Electoral Act 2001 means that the Western Bay of Plenty, Whakatane, and Manawatu district councils, as well as the Palmerston North City Council, have all decided to proceed with such wards.


Two and two do not make five nzer.

Posted on 13-12-2017 09:58 | By R. Bell

The majority of voters voted for a continuance of the status quo. Stable democratic government Which still includes seven Maori seats in parliament. It’s easy really. Local bodies will follow. Robin Bell.

Robin and Peter

Posted on 12-12-2017 16:46 | By NZer

Need to listen to the majority of Nz voters who do not agree with either of them.... you cant argue with the facts.... long live democracy.

Sir William Gallagher apologised for getting it wrong

Posted on 12-12-2017 08:47 | By Peter Dey

Sir William accepted information from Hobson’s Pledge. They got it wrong. He got it wrong. He admitted this and apologised.

Groutby, as per usual,

Posted on 12-12-2017 08:04 | By R. Bell

you distort the facts. Sir William represents the typically uninformed who choose freely to pontificate, without any personal knowledge, gained from study. Depending on the propaganda put out by organisations like the Brash led Hobsons Wedge (sorry ,pledge.) Sir William has agreed he has no knowledge of the subject, perhaps its time you did the same. Robin Bell.


Posted on 12-12-2017 07:18 | By NZer

Peter like to lie. Have you not worked that out yet....

No poll needed to stop Maori control

Posted on 11-12-2017 16:39 | By Peter Dey

The people who want to spend $70,000 on a poll to stop Maori taking control of the Western Bay council should save their $70,000. Two Maori electoral ward councillors out of 12 will still not control the council. It does not need a $70,000 poll to stop them.

PC as in becoming more civilised and mature

Posted on 11-12-2017 15:43 | By Peter Dey

What is PC? Doing away with slavery. Giving women the vote. Giving men who don’t own land the vote. Giving women equal employment opportunity. Stopping sexual harassment against women. Giving Maori fair representation on local councils.

Hobson's Pledge group seems to have it wrong

Posted on 11-12-2017 12:40 | By Peter Dey

Sir William Gallagher got his wrong information from the Hobson’s Pledge group. It is interesting that according to Maori historian, Dr Danny Keenan, The words "he iwi tahi tatou" supposedly spoken by Governor Hobson were not written about until 50 years later by William Colenso. There was no record of those words at the time of the signing. So the Hobson’s Pledge group is deeply flawed.


Posted on 08-12-2017 21:04 | By groutby

...Sir William Gallagher said nothing of the sort as far as I can see, I do understand you are trying to make a point but what he said was.."I am a business person and not a historian. Since then I have been doing further reading and acknowledge that I also need to seek more research and understanding on this topic from various viewpoints." ...unless you have a different apology, I see no reference to your statement, also, although he is a respected businessman, I would not place to much importance on such comments anyway outside of his field of expertise, successful as it is, I don’t think he would win any ’race relation’ awards in this very ’PC’ country we seem to have become........


Posted on 06-12-2017 15:39 | By NZer

Listen to the voters. They did not like your candidates and gave everyone of them the boot. You cant argue with that lol.


Posted on 06-12-2017 15:36 | By NZer

Keep dreaming. We operate just like the rest of the world does. Get used to it. Long live democracy which Robin does not uunderstand is majority rules.

Multiculturalism? nzer.

Posted on 06-12-2017 08:44 | By R. Bell

Once again, educate yourself. Multiculturalism is about inclusion, not exclusion. The exclusion you advocate, the forced assimilation that results and the resentment caused, have all been tried and failed. Our treaty partner Maori, did not sign up to your narrow vision. Robin Bell.


Posted on 05-12-2017 15:53 | By NZer

I dont pay homage to any organisation. I believe in MULTICULTURALISM. Unlike you...

One culture bias.

Posted on 04-12-2017 07:47 | By R. Bell

Educate yourself nzer. All of the organisations you pay homage to, have one culture as their goal.Hobsons Pledge just the latest to emerge. Read their manifesto. Two cultures formed this nation, and two cultures remain. All immigrants accept that fact, but not you. Robin Bell.


Posted on 03-12-2017 14:59 | By NZer

Your one culture bias is unbelievable. The treaty give Maori the same rights as every other kiwi and any kiwi of any ethnic background. Peter remember any law including the treaty can be changed at any time... just like Trumps America the people are wanting change and its coming.... the clean out of race based politicians ie Maori politicians by the people is just the start.

MISSADVENTURE, Sir William Gallagher recognizes that we are two cultures

Posted on 02-12-2017 17:10 | By Peter Dey

Sir William Gallagher has now agreed that we are a nation of two cultures and that Maori should be recognized politically. You should do the same. It is not apartheid to recognize that the Maori community deserves political respect and to be part of the council. Having Maori wards is the simplest democratic way of achieving this and takes nothing from non-Maori voters at all.

NZer, In NZ democracy is recognition of the Treaty of Waitangi and its two cultures

Posted on 02-12-2017 17:02 | By Peter Dey

NZer when you talk about giving other cultures the same rights as Maori you are ignoring the Treaty of Waitangi which is NZ law. You cannot ignore the Treaty and have a serious debate, so you are just playing a word game here and not seriously discussing the issue at all.

@ Murray

Posted on 01-12-2017 18:24 | By MISS ADVENTURE

Exactly right, race based seats are exactly that. These two misfits Dey and Bell have already admitted that part maoris wont even vote for their own... so this scheme is simply a way of ensuring that their own self appointed choices get in, get the pay cheque and somehow that is different to South Africa of yester year? Democracy then goes west!


Posted on 01-12-2017 17:48 | By NZer

If you wanted to be truely democratic you would be pushing for wards for all cultures not just one! Clearly you are favouring one race. That is totally unaccpetable and the sole reason people do not vote for Maori candidates as people do not like this unfair system they promote... clearly Robin and Pete cant seem to grasp this simple fact.

Objections to Maori Wards,

Posted on 01-12-2017 07:56 | By R. Bell

are primarily based on prejudice and ignorance. invented technical difficulties and intransigent political preference. Non are valid when weighed against the democratic, treaty bound right of Maori to represent themselves. Robin Bell.

We are a nation of two cultures. Our political systems should recognise this

Posted on 30-11-2017 15:54 | By Peter Dey

Today, Sir William Gallagher, prominent Hamilton businessman, made a public apology for criticising the Treaty of Waitangi and Treaty settlements. He said he had read more deeply and recognised that he was wrong. We are a nation where the Maori community should be acknowledged and included in all our political systems.

NZer, a Maori ward system is totally democratic

Posted on 30-11-2017 15:03 | By Peter Dey

In a democratic system everybody gets the same number of votes. In a ward system everybody gets the same number of votes. The majority still rules, so why are people protesting. The non-Maori majority always controls the decisions.

Maryfaith, you may be right but there is no evidence to support your idea

Posted on 30-11-2017 11:31 | By Peter Dey

It may be that Maori believe that they are inferior and want to use Maori wards to get inferior candidates elected, but there is no evidence to support that idea. It is more likely that non-Maori voters choose candidates that they identify more closely with and those candidates are generally not Maori, which makes our present system biased against even good Maori candidates.

MurrayGuy, the basic issue is very simple

Posted on 30-11-2017 11:08 | By Peter Dey

Murray, you raise valid issues but there is still only the one basic issue of whether Maori wards are worthwhile. Other councils have successfully introduced them. Our present system rejects good quality Maori candidates probably (not provably) because non-Maori voters do not vote for even good Maori candidates. That is a bias in the system which Maori wards improve on.

Dey and Bell , somewhat misleading.

Posted on 29-11-2017 16:41 | By Murray.Guy

Peter, the Maori community get the Councillors they vote for (or don’t, just as I do) based on who nominates, AND in the event a community does away with WARDS (except for, say the Maori Ward), then are you saying the Maori Ward voter will NOT get to vote for the ’At Large’ Candidates, only the Mayor. Many unanswered questions, folk are entitled to understand all the the outcomes. Does it stop at a Maori Ward(s) OR will there next be a cry (demand) for 50/50 councillor representation with a Co-Mayoralty voted on? When you start on a journey is is foolhardy NOT to know where it will lead! Mr Bell is equally misguided in his post and intent. The Maori voice, input, is extensive at all levels of Local Government planning and decision making, more so than the individual Councillor. EG: The fabricated Marsh St unsubstantiated gift.

Peter Dey

Posted on 29-11-2017 16:20 | By Capt_Kaveman

i think you need to really think about what you just wrote as its conflicting, how are Maoris denied you make no sense, i believe they can lodge their issue for consideration but putting seats in by council is not democratic and should be done only by govt public referendum


Posted on 29-11-2017 16:08 | By NZer

As susan said this is democracy where the majority rule this is New Zealand. Get used to it.


Posted on 29-11-2017 16:07 | By NZer

It is based on race so it is raceism. Under democracy all races are treated the same. Non Maori voters lose the right of democracy where the majority rule which is the cornerstone of our society.

Mr Dey

Posted on 29-11-2017 15:39 | By Maryfaith

No - Maori do not claim to be superior to other races. Just the opposite, as proved by the fact they are admitting they are inferior to other races , and have to have their own wards, because they are unfit to cut it with the rest of us in the race for council seats. Think about it!

Racism,is the promotion of the belief,

Posted on 29-11-2017 15:36 | By R. Bell

that ones own race is SUPERIOR to others. Absolutely nothing to do with this subject. There is no ’ road to separatism, apartheid or any other imported political philosophy. Maori simply want what is rightfully theirs, via the living treaty. Robin Bell.

NZer, racism is claiming that one race is superior

Posted on 29-11-2017 13:51 | By Peter Dey

There is nothing about Maori wards that claims that Maori are superior. Everybody still gets one democratic vote. Non-Maori voters lose nothing at all from Maori wards. All that happens is that the Maori community gets councillors that they are denied at present.

Capt_Kaveman, you really are a caveman

Posted on 29-11-2017 13:44 | By Peter Dey

The Treat of Waitangi is now in New Zealand law, since 1975. Nothing to do with old England any longer. As Susan Devoy said today: This is New Zealand, Aotearoa New Zealand, Get used to it.


Posted on 29-11-2017 12:21 | By Capt_Kaveman

100% no extra wards needed, council have enough info on what is classed as significant, treaty is an invalid piece of paper only to bring the tribes together nothing more, this was set by old england which has no clout in this modern era

Waste of Time

Posted on 29-11-2017 11:29 | By Maryfaith

I commend those who take part in this petition. Unfortunately it will be totally ignored by those on the council. It is the going ’thing’ for councils to now have Maori Wards. Maori should feel insulted as this signifies that they do not have the qualities required to be voted on to council like the rest of us. This is nothing short of apartheid. We are one people - yeah right!

equality is the cornerstone of a democracy

Posted on 29-11-2017 09:29 | By Captain Sensible

In a democracy ( albeit a weak watered down NZ version) , equality is the cornerstone. To give rights to a group based on their blood lines is giving the one-finger-salute to democracy. Every Kiwi must be treated the same. Anything less and we are heading down the road to separatism, apartheid and all those other words that NZ was oh so quick to accuse the white South Africans of being guilty of.


Posted on 29-11-2017 08:41 | By Merlin

This is separatism.They can make a submission just like everyone else.

Mr McNair does not understand.

Posted on 29-11-2017 07:52 | By R. Bell

Whilst it is true that Council are primarily involved in the provision of services, they are also deeply involved in long term development. Development affecting Maori land, cultural needs,commercial participation both singular and collective, to name a few. The Maori voice is unheard at Councilor level, and relies on proven, unreliable "consultation" It’s just not good enough. Maori representation is critical for the future proportionate representation of our treaty partner. Robin Bell.


Posted on 29-11-2017 07:47 | By NZer

We do not need this blatant kind of raceism in NZ

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