Top baby name predictions for 2018

If you're expecting a baby in 2018 and you're still struggling to come up with the perfect name, then here's a list for your perusal.

The team at Babygaga analysed data from the last few years to come up with a prediction of what's hot for the year ahead. 

While there are some old and familiar favourites from previous years (Charlotte, Amelia, Oliver and Jack, to name just a few), if you're after something a tad more unique, there are also some surprising new additions such as Sadie, Kai and Corin to choose from, too.

Let's take a closer look at the predictions:

1. Emma -  Meaning "universal". Could A-listers Emma Stone and Emma Watson be influencing the use of this classic name?

2. Charlotte - Popular with plenty of parents (including Kate and Wills), this French moniker means "feminine".

3. Sadie - A Hebrew name meaning "princess", Sadie is slowly becoming a hit.

4. Violet - This pretty french moniker has increased in popularity since being given to Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner's daughter in 2005.

5. Kennedy - This unisex Irish name means "chief with helmet". Originally seen as a male name, it's now making its way onto the top charts for female given names. 

6. Savannah -  Currently the 40th most popular girl name in the US, Savannah means "treeless plain".

7. Penelope - Meaning "dream weaver", could this classic name be seeing a revival thanks to Kourtney Kardashian's daughter? 

8. Victoria - The classic Victoria means "winner, conqueror" and has long stood the test of time.

9. Ellie - Meaning "light", this short name is a sweet alternative to top names Ella, Emily and Eva.

10. Hazel - This is the second time the name Hazel has popped up on a most popular list this year. Meaning "the Hazel tree", this moniker was the 19th most searched name on Nameberry back in July. 

11. Natalie - Meaning "to be born", Natalie comes from the Russian name Natalia. It's the 37th most popular female name in the US.

12. Luna - This name may have increased in popularity thanks to Chrissy Teigen and John Legend's adorable daughter. It means "the moon".

13. Rylie - A unisex name meaning "valiant", Rylie is an adaptation of the Irish last name Reilly.

14. Aurora - This name, meaning "goddess of the dawn", is at number 47 on the top female baby name charts. 

15. Scarlett - Consistently popular, Scarlett, which means "red", is now the 17th most popular female name in America.

16. Nora - Meaning "light", this name was number 30 on Nameberry's most searched list.

17. Zoe - Short and sweet, Zoe has Greek origins and can be translated to mean "life".

18. Amelia - A popular name in the past, Amelia, which means "industrious, admiring", is making a comeback.

19. Harper - Another unisex name meaning "harp player", this moniker was given to David and Victoria Beckham's daughter in 2011 - and has been popular ever since.

20. Stella - Meaning "star", this Italian name is gaining in popularity. Matt Damon and Ellen Pompeo both have daughters with this name.

Top 20 Boys:

1. Finn - A popular and powerful Irish name, Finn means "fair" and is now becoming widely embraced outside of Ireland.

2. Jack - Originating from the name "John", Jack has been popular in England for ages and now sits at number 38 on the US charts.

3. Atticus - Meaning "father like", this literary name came in second place in Nameberry's most searched names this year, indicating that it's oh-so trendy right now.

4. Oliver - It's said to be the number one name in England, Australia and New Zealand so we expect it to stick around for at least another year.

5. Theodore - This "divine gift" of a name surged in popularity back in 1901 after US president Theodore Roosevelt. It's now back in a big way - especially with popular the hipster nickname "Theo".

6. Reuban - A Hebrew name meaning "behold a son", Reuban has a rich history.

7. Dylan - Meaning "born from the ocean", this thoughtful name has been in the top 50 baby names for several years.

8. Corin - A unisex name meaning "spear", Corin is one of the more unique names on this list of monikers to watch.

9. Adam - Short and concise, this classic name, which means "mankind", continues to be a winner. 

10. Alexander - Meaning "protector of mankind," this classic name was used by George and Amal Clooney earlier this year, so expect its popularity to rise.

11. Daniel - Meaning "God is my judge", the always popular Daniel has been in the top 15 names for boys since 1972, says Babygaga.

12. Christopher - It's fallen slightly out of favour in recent years, but Christopher, which means "Christ bearer", is still a classic.

13. Brandon - Meaning "little Raven", Brandon got a bit of a boost back in the 90210 days, thanks to Jason Priestly's character, and it continues to be a popular choice.

14. Logan - A unisex name meaning "small cove", Logan originates from a Scottish surname. Perhaps Hugh Jackman has something to do with its newfound popularity? 

15. Joseph - Meaning "God will increase", this Biblical name is one of the most popular names of all time.

16. Hunter - Hunter, which means "one who hunts", continues to be a popular choice.

17. Lucas - Similar to the popular Luke, Lucas has climbed steadily to reach the top 15 spot in the US. It means "light".

18. Kai - Donald Trump Jr has a daughter called Kai, born in 2007. The unisex name means "ocean".

19. Jasper - Meaning "semi precious stone", the name Jasper was No. 7 on Nameberry's most searched list, so expect to see a few more Jaspers in the playground in years to come.

20. Isaac - Another Biblical name, Isaac, which means "he will laugh", is consistently popular.



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