Demo derby a ‘hit’ for Aimee-Leigh

Sun Media sales consultant Aimee-Leigh Brunsdon driving in the black SunLive car. Photos: Kerry Mitchell.

There were plenty of smashes and big hits at the annual SunLive Demolition Derby on Saturday night, including some from first-time competitor Aimee-Leigh Brunsdon.

The Sun Media sales consultant hopped onto the track in a battered Daihatsu Charade alongside more than 40 other drivers at Baypark Speedway.

Although ‘super nervous’ at first, Aimee-Leigh soon found her stride on the slippery track, which she proudly says she made ‘one and three-quarter’ laps of.

“I lasted a whole five minutes, pretty much riding first gear the whole time because I was worried I would stall – I haven’t driven a manual for 10 years.”

It’s a pretty good achievement, considering her car was smoking from the starting line. With a host of other cars hogging the track, there were also the inevitable collisions that make the derby so pleasing to watch, and so exciting to take part in.

“You can’t really see the cars coming. You just get shunted from the back and the side – I was sandwiched between two cars at one point, but I managed to get myself out,” she says.

“Then I just drifted up a storm around the track.”

It all came naturally to young driver, who says she gets her ‘boy racing nonsense’ from The Fast and the Furious film franchise.

“I’m a big fan of Paul Walker.”

Aimee-Leigh was one of just three girls holding their own against their testosterone-fuelled competitors, and even got her nails done for the occasion – one of which sadly broke, her sole injury of the night.

“But I’d seriously do it again, hands down.”

Other classes of racing on the night included sprint cars, super saloons, saloons, stock cars and mini stocks.

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Well done Aimee-Lee

Posted on 10-12-2017 12:44 | By tabatha

We spotted you but with smoke and water was hard to follow.

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