Archaeologists working at Cliff Road

Archaeologists in action in Robbins Park, Cliff Road. Photo: Andrew Campbell.

Trenches dug across the old bowling greens at Cliff Road this week are to confirm the extent of historic earthworks indicated in a ground penetrating radar survey of the area earlier this year.

The GPR survey identified a potential Pa site underground of historical significance, the Otamataha Pa, which was in the early 19th century one of the major Tauranga pa.

It was abandoned after it was sacked in 1828.

It is an exploratory dig. Three cuts have been made about 40m long and 1.5-2m wide to locate the extent of the trench located on the radar survey. The work is expected to be completed this Friday and the cuts will be back filled. It is not an excavation of the trench itself.

The site is being considered by Tauranga City Council for a unique museum for the city, with a glass floor over a section of the excavated trench.

The map produced by the ground penetrating radar. Supplied image.



Posted on 14-12-2017 18:26 | By dumbkof2

more dollars wasted on something 80% of ratepayers dont want


Posted on 14-12-2017 14:55 | By Laurie

The two men in hi-viz vests look like they are - but not so sure about the other chap doing the note taking - if you look at the angle of the brim of his hat in relation to his line of sight I think he would be having trouble seeing what he’s writing, looks more like he having an afternoon siesta. :) :)

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