Petition re Maori wards

The recent decision supported by most Western Bay councillors (except Crs Mike Lally, Kevin Marsh and Margaret Murray-Benge) to vote for race-based Maori wards has predictably led to an outcry in the community.

A petition for a poll to vote on the councillors’ decision has been commissioned and the 1708 signatures needed to force a poll would seem a mere formality.

Having regard to past polling history on various NZ councils’ race-based issues, it is fair to assume 80 per cent of public will vote against race-based Maori wards. As there has been no formal consultation with the public and nor have their views been canvassed, this seems a clear breach of the Local Government Act. If this no vote comes to pass, those eight councillors and the mayor, swayed by vested Maori interests and wooed by waiata and warbling who enthusiastically supported this aberration, should immediately resign because such a countermand vote would be tantamount to a vote of no confidence by Western Bay electors in them. This could result in eight councillor by-elections plus a mayoral election.

Tellingly it appears no elected members ever told the public of their Maori Ward aspirations at 2016 elections, plus recent public excluded meetings/forums and hidden separatist agendas reek of underhand scheming.

R Paterson, Matapihi.


@ Miss Adventure

Posted on 20-12-2017 12:47 | By waxing

Just read your posts. Your claim is "there are no real ’pure-bloods’ left" but I guess seeking consistency from you is too much. Then you rave on about Chinese being here first. A claim denied by the Chinese and by the head of the Admiral Zheng He society, under who seamanship some Chinese were supposed to hand come here. There’s no DNA evidence for it at all. Cite me your reputable scientific source - you can’t. And where did your "in-resident Europeans" come from since your theory is not supported by any professional historian, sociologist, anthropologist or geneticist. You said "for RBOP the seats have been a complete failure, nothing of use has come of them". I suggested you look at the aquaculture project in the WBOP as an example of what has. Please try and keep up. And obviously you haven’t. Looks like my original comments about you stan

@ Waxed blender!

Posted on 20-12-2017 01:15 | By MISS ADVENTURE

I made no mention of EBOP aquaculture developments.

@ waxed

Posted on 19-12-2017 18:30 | By MISS ADVENTURE

Looks to me that the Captain has got you cornered again, like that always happens! Teh line and traits displayed show a distinct pattern of parrotitis, you need the remedy.

@ waxed OUT!

Posted on 19-12-2017 18:26 | By MISS ADVENTURE

I made no meantion of EBOP aquaculture developments?

@ waxed on!

Posted on 19-12-2017 18:25 | By MISS ADVENTURE

The WT is indeed a joke, it can not be a court, a tribunal or claim any real credibility (see previous posting re land, indigenous peoples and so on) as the process, claims and settlemet process is all held in secret, there is no accountability, there is no transparency and there is no balance or fairness in it as no one gets to challenge the nefarious and rediculous quantum and extraneous level of created claims dreamed up. Add to that fact, is the other most scary fact that not one naughty need (there are so many) of part maori are not considered at all. You end up with something that better resides somewhere between a circus/comedy show and the myths created by Clinton and co to cover up the email leaks and so on.

@ waxed off!

Posted on 19-12-2017 18:19 | By MISS ADVENTURE

Land purchases - The soon to be Governer Hobson reversed many land deals in 1840 and later to sort out the dogy deals that were done. Sir Apihane Ngati confirmed in 1932 that all claims had been settled, nothing remained outstanding to be looked at or settled. Yet here we are some 85 years later and many a new and creative claim/s have been made-up and created. The gap here is enormous and extreme between the truth of it and what has happened since. Dear Waxed-off, it would indeed be a brave man to come out and say and be quoted that he was not right!

@ Waxing

Posted on 19-12-2017 18:14 | By MISS ADVENTURE

I have not claimed that there are "no" full blooded part maori left in NZ. I dont need to. Perhaps you should enlighten yourself... read the paperwork related to the Maori Affairs Act and the amendments encouraged by Matu Rata (and others) where they wanted teh 50%+ limit removed from the act as they were, they believed running into problems... there were none left, none provable. Add to this, when for the first time islanders arrived in NZ by way of a chinese fleet of "ships" in 1421AD dropping them off as of no use, they immediately crossed blood with the already in-resident europeans. DNA provies that like decades ago ... wehre have you been!

@ waxing

Posted on 19-12-2017 18:08 | By MISS ADVENTURE

The fact is you are calling out the letter writing to cease and desist all future writings for any reason should the actual poll fall well short of 80% demolition of Councillors irrational and non-publically supported seapratist seats. If is VERY fair to make that a balanced equation, and seek your agreement that, should the poll be around 80% or more that you will step down, accept your fate, zip-it, cease and desist your proven wild claims and endless rantings. That is an absolutely fair call to make. You then have two options, accept and let your fate be decided by public vote (democrary!!!) or withdraw and capitulate! I know your self-created options are not great, but that situation was created by you for you... think about it - shot yourself in the foot again!


Posted on 19-12-2017 17:48 | By Captain Sensible

Waxing thinks Waitangi Tribunal hearings are held in public!!!

@ Miss Adventure

Posted on 19-12-2017 12:32 | By waxing

Full of emotional claims and rhetoric. Where is your evidence that there are no full-blooded Maori left? Where is your evidence that original Maori land was bought "fair and square"? Waitangi Tribunal hearings are held in public so where do you get your claim of "behind closed doors"? You obviously no nothing of what is happening with the aquaculture developments in the Eastern Bay of Plenty. Like everything in your specious claims, you are better off knowing nothing so you can claim everything. And yes the response is about you as you never make a rational argument. You are all emotion and bias.

@ waxing

Posted on 19-12-2017 11:04 | By Captain Sensible

Name one, just one, race based privilege that is available to non-maori, but excludes maori, on the basis of race. Just ONE!!!!!!!! I’m sure you are aware of the dozens of race based privileges enabled for part-maori only ( maori All Blacks, maori scholarships that EXCLUDE non-maori, maori-only hospital wards, maori-only achiever awards in all NZ secondary schools, etc etc....all of these privileges with no equivalent for other races). Just announced today twenty special scholarships of $5K each, for maori/pacifica students only.And you are OK with that?!

@ waxing

Posted on 19-12-2017 11:02 | By Captain Sensible

You are setting yourself up as the "history expert" yet if you get your history from the recent rewritten reinvented opinionated "history" books rather than all the historical documents including transcripts, diary entries, letters, journal entries and all available documentation written between 1800-1900, then you are merely an uninformed parrot for the grievance industry. Nowhere did the Treaty grant maori (or non-maori) race based privileges and special treatment. Did you know the words "treaty principles", "treaty partnership", "Aotearoa" are NOT in the treaty but invented less than 50 years ago by some ill informed do-gooders ? By trying to apply todays PC nonsense to a Treaty from 1840 shows you are not at all interested in the truth.

@ waxing

Posted on 18-12-2017 11:05 | By MISS ADVENTURE

So the response is about me and not on subject, that adds up in your head I am sure! I have obvoiusly said something that is new, different and likely beyond your comprehension, sorry about that ol chap!!! Do you want me to break it down for you, little bits at a time and usign little words? Word you like it is Terepo? Would you like it is Moriori or perhaps mandarin? That is multicultural ... can you cope with that notion ... I think not!

@ waxing

Posted on 18-12-2017 11:01 | By MISS ADVENTURE

Murray has made various fair and reasonable points. As for RBOP the seats have been a complete failure, nothing of use has come of them. Low voter turnouts, reflect voter confidence in the calibre of who stands. These seats are race based and discriminatory, bottom line, how it is.

@ waxing

Posted on 18-12-2017 10:59 | By MISS ADVENTURE

the benefits to "PART" maori (becasue there are no real ’pure-bloods’ left) have been massive, particularly in the last few decades. Where in the world tdo you get to create your own stories (myths and legends) never heard ever before, all behind closed doors, then walk away with a pile of someone elses hard earned money and land purchased fair and square? Its bad when happens once, but in same cases there have been seven "full and final" settlements. Do you get the picture, unlikely!

@ crazyhorse

Posted on 18-12-2017 10:55 | By MISS ADVENTURE

Sad indeed, it is the nature of the beast, self gratification, lining own pockets and lies for africa.

@ groutby

Posted on 18-12-2017 10:52 | By MISS ADVENTURE

If the % take up rule extolled by waxing applied and obvious to be "honest" and "faithful" to his own desires here, shopuld the poll be around 80% against separatist type wards then will waxing cease to exist permanently? That woudl be fair of course, but this isnt about being fair it is about greed, power and control so as to benefit a few.

@ Miss Adventure

Posted on 17-12-2017 14:56 | By waxing

Yet again you are missing the point entirely with your emotional rave. You won’t ever see through your bias, you never have a rational argument and you don’t know your own country’s history. But I’m pleased for you if you feel better after writing your letters.

@ Murray Guy

Posted on 17-12-2017 14:51 | By waxing

Before you get too carried away Murray, I would be interested please in your comments as to how the Maori wards have worked with the regional council.

@ crazyhorse

Posted on 17-12-2017 14:48 | By waxing

Yet again you are the perfect example of everything I talk about in my response to groutby. Enough said.

@ Captain

Posted on 17-12-2017 13:51 | By waxing

Wrong again. I’m not Maori. Just someone who has bothered to investigate NZ’s history properly (which is far more than you have done). So I realise that the race-based privileges throughout our history have been overwhelmingly Pakeha, not Maori and that it is Maori that have been discriminated against. But easier for people like you to turn a blind eye.

Missadventure talks of truth,

Posted on 17-12-2017 12:58 | By R. Bell

strange, when he spends so much time denying it. The "public view" does not necessarily represent the truth. It is based on many things, certainly not the truth. "We are all one people" untrue, Maori are co-founders of N.Z. "Councillors who support Maori representation, are tainted" untrue. They merely represent an enlightened approach to Maori political marginalisation. " Maori rights discriminate against non Maori" untrue. No non Maori is materially disadvantaged, either in law or any other aspect of life in N.Z. Missy has never, ever given any proof of his claims, never. Robin Bell.

@ waxing

Posted on 17-12-2017 10:20 | By MISS ADVENTURE

You completely misunderstand, the letters such as that above are highlighting for observant and educated readers the truth of it. The pitty is that there is only some 200 words available to extoll the truth each time and that is indeed limiting. The reference to polls and 80% is reflective of the results around NZ already, this is the publics view simply becasue they have had the chance to have a say at long last. That message has been clear and overwhelming, as a result the obvious conclusion is that Councillors who supported the proposal do not represent the electorate/votes/ratepayers and so should resign forthwith. They are obviously so out of touch or so entrenched that they can not then be a Councillor any longer, they are tainted goods.

A Maori Ward isn't necessarily giving Maori more rights, BUT it likely will.

Posted on 17-12-2017 08:49 | By Murray.Guy

I oppose the establishment of a Maori Ward, BUT only in the absence of many critical questions being unanswered. A ’Ward’ is a geographical area with a clearly recognized point of difference (which a Maori Ward qualifies). Truth is our solely area based present Wards likely qualify less. As a Ward Councillor you are legally obliged to make decisions with an open mind, no predetermination, NO bias. While I appreciate this rarely happens today, WILL this be a requirement of a Maori Ward Councillor? In the event the community decide to scrap ’Wards’, being ’At Large’ only, will this apply to Maori Wards, and if not, then will the Maori Ward voter get more votes then non-maori (wrong if so)? With Maori Wards, will the many appointed Maori reps and various Maori voice structures and considerations be ’set aside, replaced’? What will be the next demand, co-chairs, co-Mayoralty, rotation?

Waxo's proposals

Posted on 16-12-2017 18:38 | By crazyhorse

Waxo say’s if a referendum doesn’t reach 80% will R Paterson, stop writing in SunLive, lol if it it does will the snowflakes stop blaming the other 85% of K1W1 for there problems?, will all these very "part" maori start taking responsibility for themselves and their families,NO!, the TOW is a meal ,ticket how sad to tell lies to children in school to get money off them later on in life, sad so sad.

Yet again groutby, your logic is illogical.

Posted on 16-12-2017 16:13 | By R. Bell

You clearly have never read or have ignored letters from this source. As Waxing rightly states they are always divisive and often racist. The notion that Maori wards are in some way racist ( considering N.Z was formed by two races, and remains racially defined ) is further evidence of your lack of understanding. No referendum is required to award Maori proportional representation. It is contained in the Act. Which reflects United Nations recommendations. Robin Bell.

in reply waxing........

Posted on 15-12-2017 22:32 | By groutby

.....your comments appear to be of nervous nature, and it would be appropriate to have a referendum to indeed give a clear direction. Whether or not 80% vote against maori wards or not, should never,ever stop anyone from voicing an opinion in a correct manner. If this writer comments views in a clear and concise way, you are perfectly entitled to view yours in reply as you have done, that, waxing in it’s basic form is right to speech, part of democracy. Some groups however, perhaps yours, want no part of that. As to racist and divisive, ?..I to would agree that having Maori wards itself is based solely on race, and I cannot understand how ’special’ rights should be given to anyone over anyone else...and this is clearly what those who wish to be recognised as Maori actually want.....isn’t it?

no formal consultation

Posted on 15-12-2017 17:10 | By MISS ADVENTURE

Is the standard means of operations for Councils in these parts.

@ waxing

Posted on 15-12-2017 16:01 | By Captain Sensible

Waxing still thinks maori have a right to race based privileges. Waxing fights to keep his/her ill gotten privileges and is more than happy to see 85% of Kiwis discriminated against for the unique NZ crime of being born without maori blood.

Will you stop?

Posted on 15-12-2017 14:02 | By waxing

So if a referendum re the Maori ward proposals doesn’t reach the 80% you predict, do you agree to stop writing your divisive and racists letters to local media every week?

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