Council warns people not to enter drains

Widespread flooding hit Tauranga last night when a thunderstorm hit the city. Photo: Cameron Avery.

The story of a person who got into a drain to clear it during flooding last night could have had a tragic ending, says Tauranga City Council. 

When drains clear suddenly, it creates suction that pulls anything in the drain inward. A person in the drain could easily get stuck and drown. 

“It is absolutely not worth losing your life to save some properties from flooding,” says Wally Potts, Team Leader: Drainage Services. 

“We understand people want to save property, but it can be replaced. Our message is to never enter a drain.

“If you want to clear a grate then use a rake to pull any leaves or other material free. Please do not enter flood water at drains or where any whirlpool effect is noted. Leave the drains to trained professionals who understand the risks.”

If you spot surface flooding, call Tauranga City Council on 07 577 7000.  


@ Sg1nz

Posted on 14-01-2018 17:02 | By MISS ADVENTURE

You say "no one wants to pay for larger storm water", I hate to point out that your rates were hiked up some 5% a few years ago to provide $170m (somehow??) to cover the costs of improving storm water infrastructure. TCC have collected this money and not spent a lot of it generally as yet, the main costs have been consultants creating paper piles, not a lot else. In 10 years little would have been changed.

Exclusive drain pipes?

Posted on 09-01-2018 13:13 | By MISS ADVENTURE

The only reason for that being reported is to ensure that only the preferred are allowed to take refuge up the drain pipe. The officials haven and refuge now that they dont have a nice new shiny ivory tower to con-gregate in.

Lives are more important than buildings?

Posted on 20-12-2017 01:08 | By MISS ADVENTURE

I guess that doesnt apply when teh Admin building got demolished recently, the affect on lives of ratepayers is almost in the catestrophic category, with huge debt and more coming, with teh sure to follow rates increases, the massive blow out in staff numbers and average salary ’paid’. Surely this is more deliberate, harmful and schemed/planned deliberately and so a lot worse than one person making a silly decision (that sadly of course) affects a frew otehrs?

Ya can't fix stupid

Posted on 19-12-2017 19:34 | By Sg1nz

Could have easily been killed and the paper is encouraging other to do the same thing.PS - what did you want council to do? Stop is raining. The things wasn’t blocked by another other than too much water. But of course no one wants to pay for larger storm water.

Council madness

Posted on 19-12-2017 18:53 | By maildrop

Correct, leaving debris to block the drains so they can save up for the stupid museum operating costs. Little empire builders with inflated egos. Clear drains are not sexy.


Posted on 19-12-2017 18:00 | By overit

Its all part of the Councils cutback in expenditure. No street sweeper, parks etc getting lawns mowed fortnightly. Hav’nt seen the path edger for a year, the road edger did his job. We go without so those crack pots at TCC can spend out money on bull****.

re idiot

Posted on 19-12-2017 17:51 | By davidt5

Really she was foolish as she clearly did not understand the risks involved when the water started to flow freely. However the real problem is the city council who should be ensuring that the grates and storm water drains are kept clear at ALL times. Council is very appathetic about potential flood hazards and have been like this for the 30+ years that I have been a local resident. Probably will remain like this until such time that they are held liable for the damage which occurs. For some unknown reason council employees are unable to forsee problems in advance and then will issue a foolish statement after the event. Rather symptomatic of all actions involving our council which start from the top and extend right to the bottom.


Posted on 19-12-2017 14:42 | By Christine1965

Well if the council did what our exorbitant rates should pay for, the a average Joe wouldn’t have to!

When was the last time

Posted on 19-12-2017 11:51 | By tish

anyone saw a road sweeper doing its job cleaning the gutters so they wouldn’t fill up with crap to get blocked in the next downpour? They should be out all the time. Council housekeeping is lacking, do your job before criticising someone taking risks to do it for you.


Posted on 19-12-2017 11:48 | By longresident

People calling this woman hero are wrong. She is very lucky to still be alive and not to have put other lives in danger trying to rescue her. When first read about people calling her hero, I thought idiotic. Lives are more important than buildings


Posted on 19-12-2017 10:47 | By dumbkof2

the driver of that red ute is a plain stupid idiot. couldnt see if there was anything under the surface and what about the oncoming traffic

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