Summer ice - Have you heard of it?

Motorists are being warned to drive to the conditions with heavy rain forecast for the region.


Summer ice is not a good way to keep cool in the heat, but rather a slippery road condition which can be a hazard for motorists.

During long dry spells, dust, dirt, oil and other materials build up on the road surface.

"When it rains, the road surface becomes greasy, making it very slippery – the greatest risk to drivers being shortly after the rain starts," says police.

"The term ‘summer ice’ is used to describe these conditions that are similar to the black ice that you get in winter."

In a post on the Waikato Police Facebook page, police say even a little rain after several days of dry weather can trigger these conditions, creating a potential danger for unsuspecting drivers.

Please remember to drive to the conditions.
• keep your speeds down on wet roads after a long dry period
• take extra care on curves
• increase your following distance from vehicles in front of you
• brake on the straight and steer gently
• allow extra travel time in case you encounter summer ice conditions.

"Our roads are very busy with people heading home or to their next destinations.

"Please show some courtesy, exercise patience and drive to the conditions; so we can all get to and from our destinations safely."


Drive to the conditions, he says

Posted on 03-01-2018 23:29 | By Captain Hottie

"Drive to the conditions" also means NOT bumbling along at 80km/h on a 100km/h stretch of straight road on a bright sunny day.

Yeah NZTA/NZP brainwave

Posted on 03-01-2018 22:43 | By CC8

Just some Numpty at NZTA or NZAP who has nothing better to do than explain his or her overflowing brainwave. Trying to foist this on a nation of blind and stupid drivers is a waste of time...they don’t know what black ice is and are all "far to busy " to try to comprehend someone els’s newly minted name for an old phenomena...which they also don’t and can’t be taught to consider...stop wasting your time and do something useful.

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