Transporters in bus lanes

It seems odd that the Tauranga District Council geniuses can’t lease a rock crusher somewhere (using it at night perhaps) to simply crush rubbish glass (which Waste Management won’t collect after April 1, 2018) rendering the waste to silica sand. Even as just sand it would sell for all sorts of purposes so that TDC/ratepayers could recover all the costs.

Readers would have to smile at the full page Bayhopper ads lauding the ‘bus free run’ in Hewletts Road as an incentive to ‘take the bus’ to work when so many times in the rush hour car transporters take half an hour to an hour to unload/load vehicles parked in said bus lanes. Does TDC send them the mandated $150 fine? I suspect not.

A Baker, Morrinsville.

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Bus lanes

Posted on 05-01-2018 14:47 | By MISS ADVENTURE

Waste of time as the buses are always late or really late, even the drivers have given up trying to keep to an idealistic timetable when the traffic increases. Some moron official likely "planned" it all from a desk. Of course it will then be a failure as nothing practical considered like a simple thing of half speed with traffic.

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