Tracks to close ahead of king tides

Moturiki/Leisure Island and the Mauao base track will be closed from 7am tomorrow. Photo: Supplied.

The Mauao base track and Moturiki/Leisure Island will be closed tomorrow, in anticipation of king tides and high seas.

Tauranga City Council says public access will be closed from 7am until conditions are suitable for re-opening.

High tide is at 10.37am and is at 2.1m. Normal high tides are about 1.8m. The coastal conditions are expected to be aggravated by strong onshore winds overnight and tomorrow.

There are no plans to close the summit tracks at this stage. Part of the beach access mat is being removed so it doesn’t get damaged. It will be reinstalled early next week.

Pre-storm preparations are complete across the city. Staff and contractors are on standby to respond if things escalate.

If you see surface flooding please phone the council on 577 7000. The council encourages people to rake leaves away from drains in their street to help prevent surface flooding, but this should only be done if the water is very shallow. Please don’t ever wade into flood water where there is a drain, or where there is a whirlpool effect going on. When a drain clears suddenly, the suction could pull a person under. You should never enter a drain. Give the council a call so they can get contractors in there who understand the risks.

Coastal flooding is already taking place up north.

Check out Newsie on the link above to see what is happening outside of the Bay. 

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Posted on 04-01-2018 15:48 | By Capt_Kaveman

are to young naive and have no idea what the sea can take away in just a few days, eg the bank to the right of the photo has lost some 3m+ since i was a kid and most taken in just a handful of storms

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