Matakana Islander’s passionate defence

Matakana Islander Matthew Tukaki uploaded a video of himself passionately defending his home after reading what he perceived to be racist comments on articles about the island. Image: Matthew Tukaki/Facebook.

A Matakana Islander has made a passionate defence of his home via a Facebook video – and has called out anonymous commenters for perceived racist attacks.

Matthew Tukaki made the video in response to a number of comments left on articles relating to a pile of debris that was deliberately left to block access to Panepane wharf on Matakana Island yesterday.

“I am proudly from Matakana Island in the Bay of Plenty,” says Matthew in the video. “I find myself in the position of wanting to defend my family and also the island.”

He goes on to mention comments left on both SunLive and Stuff articles about the wharf blockade, some of which include suggesting bombs should be dropped on the island, or that rescue helicopters should refuse to service the island as a response to the protest.

“The comments in the main were quite racist, inflammatory and downright disgusting,” says Matthew.

He says the full story is related to visitors to the island making a mess or starting fires.

“What about people landing on the island, from both tourist operators and independently, and leaving so much rubbish behind that they don’t have to clean it up? There are also no toilets on that side of the island for tourists. Where do you think that waste is going? They’re leaving it on the beaches or doing it in the water.”

He concludes the video with a jab at anonymous commenters who hide behind pseudonyms.

“My name is Matthew Tukaki and I stand with my family and Matakana Island as a landowner and someone who whakapapa’s back to Matakana Island.

“By the way, that’s my real name. I’m not a keyboard warrior hiding behind some fictitious, fake profile.”

SunLive has been in touch with other residents on Matakana Island, and understands a statement is being drafted on behalf of the five hapu regarding issues relating to the blockade of the wharf.


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