Courtesy begets courtesy

I feel it’s time to fire off another seasonal shot – in the vague hope that just one middle-aged, self-entitled male cyclist may sit up and take notice.

The council spin is that the Waikareao Estuary walkway is “a 9km loop track ideal for walking and cycling.” For walking also read jogging or running. “All ages and abilities can enjoy the flat winding boardwalks.” You’ve got the picture.

I run in regularly – it’s a gem in all its moods.

Then just this week, again, I was almost run down by a cyclist from behind. I was running into the wind, and coupled with the noise from your feet scuffing the gravel track, I didn’t hear his approach. He brushed me as he hurtled by at 30-40 km. He scared the hell out of me.

He had his helmet on, he had his warning lights flashing on the seat of his bike, he had a high vis vest on – he was making sure his chances of survival weren’t compromised. But to hell with anyone else on the track. If it’s too blokey to get a bell on your bikes guys, then slowing down and a courteous “coming through on your right” just might cut it. Your attitude to walkers and runners on the Waikareao doesn’t make me treat you with the respect you demand on the road.

Courtesy begets courtesy.

I Goldsmith, Bureta.


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