Recycling changes ‘retrograde step’

My letter from Environmental Greenbins astounds and puzzles me as to how the “changes to glass recycling and new Bins for Better Communities initiative" is going to produce an increase in the amount of recyclable glass collected.

In my view this is a retrograde step when the recyclable glass is currently so convenient and easy to dispose of, together with the newspaper and plastic.

This has been tried before, so it is easy to understand why there are a number of letters against this proposal.

I can foresee bottles smashed in gutters and thrown in gardens such as behind Christopher Street shops, as happened before when glass recycle bins were stationed in the 13th Avenue corner of what used to be the Foodtown carpark. It was a disgrace, with smashed bottles scattered round the bin and derelict cartons containing smashed bottles stacked on top of each other. Old TVs and car tyres were also dumped there.

The question is, are we going to get a reduction on bin fees for saving the cost of sorting the glass and transporting it to the bins? I thought Cameron Road had enough congestion without adding to it.

W Humphrey, Tauranga South.


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