No support for mental health claim

Please permit me to answer R Stewart’s letter re warmer temperatures and mental health issues (The Weekend Sun, December 22).

The professor claimed warmer temperatures will lead to increased mental health problems. There have been no studies to support this claim and the Queensland mental health statistics do not indicate this claim. People move to warmer climates by choice and do not have mental health issues.

The North Queensland towns of Tully and Innisfail are the wettest towns in Australia and problems arise from evapo-transpiration rates. I used the word drought for ease of understanding. Rain seldom falls during the five to six months of the sugar cane season.

For R Stewart’s benefit, I would point out that Brisbane is over 27 degrees south of the Equator and Te Puke only eight degrees south of that. Not even half way to the South Pole from the Equator.

D Hardie, Paengaroa.

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Mental health issues

Posted on 14-01-2018 15:46 | By phoenix

Prepare yourself for more and more claims about warmer temperatures affecting all sorts of things,including so-called experts writing rubbish like the [Professor ?]

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