Frictions between BVL and Council

Staff tensions mar an otherwise glowing BVL report. Photo: Supplied.

Tensions between Bay Venues Ltd and the Tauranga City council staff are thought to be a result of different management structures says a report on the council controlled organisation.

Friction between the two organisations is discussed in a consultant’s review of the council controlled organisation’s performance. The consultant’s recommendation says the council has to provide more clarity about the community outcomes it wants BVL to deliver.

Without clear directions from the council, TCC staff are in a difficult position of having to interpret council requirements, especially when negotiating the contract for supply of community services and facilities, says the consultant’s report.

The report on BVL’s performance was adopted by the city council at the city council meeting on December 19

Reasons given to the consultants for the friction include BVL staff sometimes feeling that TCC staff expectations go beyond what has been agreed with the council.

“Another reason for friction appears to be that because BVL and TCC have different management structures, there are multiple points of entry into each entity,” says the report. “In other words, a manager or senior staff member in one entity is unlikely to have a corresponding point of contact in the other entity.”

One way of handling this is to have a possible messy and complex matrix of relationships, which can result in mixed messages or inconsistent advice. Another way is to have one point of contact within one or both entities, with the points of contact taking responsibility for liaising with the appropriate parties.

This has its own issues as it relies on the key relationship personnel being able to either directly resolve or answer queries or to direct them efficiently to the right place.

Presently the council’s CCO governance relationship manager is the main point of contact, but staff interviewed for the report say there’s a need for management teams from both BVL and TCC to meet regularly, in the lead up to the Long Term Plan.

The consultant’s report finds that while there is friction at a management level, there are strong relationships between the council and the BVL board.

Relationships at the executive management level also appear to be strong. The chief executives of BVL and TCC meet regularly and BVL was complimentary about their relationship with the General Manager: City Transformation who is responsible for CCO relationships.

When a local authority has a strained relationship with a CCO often the issues are related to the attitudes and skill sets of people involved, rather than any problem with the structure or model, says the report to council, which was received with little discussion.

“The fact that there is occasional tension is not a matter for concern provided there is a mechanism to resolve any differences,” says the report. “In fact, occasional tension indicates the board is doing its jobs in pushing the boundaries of new thinking, while the council is doing its job in recognition that final accountability to the public rests with council.”

Councillors praised the report. Larry Baldock says it shows BVL has emerged from its establishment phase over the last three or four years in very good shape.

“It’s well poised to continue delivering and to add further value for residents and ratepayers of Tauranga,” says Larry.

Key achievements include a sound financial performance, solid growth in the use of venues, the opening of the University of Waikato Adams Centre for High Performance, and growth in the number and range of events on offer in BVL venues.

“I think we can be proud of this CCO and the work that it does and delivers for the residents of the city,” says Larry. “It certainly reduces our burden upon the ratepayers and for us as elected members I’m sure it reduces the amount of contact and complaints we may have from the community, because it is doing a very good job.”


For everyone who thinks all is rosy in the garden........

Posted on 13-01-2018 22:30 | By ROCCO

I say lets have a certified independently audited financial summary of what has gone on with funding and how much B/S share purchasing in this BVL CCO outfit has been undertaken by TCC in the past year.Introducing share capital then spending it on OPEX and CAPEX is misleading non transparent dishonest and wrong....and that is putting it politely.

More clarity about the community outcomes wanted?

Posted on 13-01-2018 13:29 | By MISS ADVENTURE

Balance the budget would be something to behold, not going to happen! To be open and transparent, not going to happen! To have ratepayer set realistic budgets and plans would then be completely unachievable. Of course a significant amount of jealousy would exist at a staff level, TCC would be looking over the fence at the rampant spendign and waste and wondering how they could get in on the action somehow.

Ratepayer Nightmare

Posted on 13-01-2018 13:24 | By MISS ADVENTURE

These things have been bubbling away for ages, of course the results published and the truth of it are something else and the gap is somewhat parge. regrettably for ratepayers the finanical creativity is so rampant with the single purpose of smoozing the public into a slumber (its working) and that the Councillors are no less influenced and smoothered. The end result is that the cash is disapparting in rampant fashion daily and the mask to it all must then become more and more creative to sustain it all.

I wonder if TCC members feel a threat.

Posted on 12-01-2018 18:06 | By Dazed and Confused

For what I understand BV is preforming very very well. The BV board have more business experience then 90 % of TCC. Id like to see BV produce a list of the events they have been with for the last year.I say leave BV alone Lets see what the finances are before we get to upset

@ Capt_Kaveman

Posted on 12-01-2018 13:24 | By MISS ADVENTURE

Exactly, but that would be to kind for a soft result.


Posted on 12-01-2018 13:04 | By ROCCO

Reminds one of the joke relating to outfits like this... "All targets met. All systems working.All customers (Ratepayers satisfied). The multitude of hundreds staff members all eager enthusiastic and ready to rumble. PLUS CRITICALLY ALL PIGS FED AND READY TO FLY".I Say Do Whacky Do - Dang Me.


Posted on 12-01-2018 11:43 | By Capt_Kaveman

the leach it is needs to be disolved

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