Oil spill causes multiple Kaimai crashes

An initial crash between two cars resulted in an oil spill which caused multiple minor crashes in the same area. Photo: Marc Patton.

An oil spill caused by a two car crash near the Kaimai Summit is believed to be the cause of multiple other crashes in the same area on Monday.

A police media spokesperson says four crashes were reported on late Monday morning following the initial crash at about 10am.

“Police were called to a crash between two vehicles, a van and ute, at about 10am. This crash resulted in an oil spill.

“The road was down to one lane each way at the time, to allow contractors to clean up the oil which reportedly spread up to 300 metres.”

Three minor crashes were reported immediately after the spill with no injuries reported, says police.

Following these, another crash also happened in the same area later that evening.

“We received reports of a two-car crash near the Matamata side of the Kaimai summit around 6.15pm.”

No injuries were reported and the road was blocked for a time, says police.

The crash later in the evening. Supplied photo.


Lopsided Capt

Posted on 16-01-2018 15:31 | By maildrop

So when truck drivers cannot negotiate simple bends in the road or a roundabout it’s down to "camber" or a multitude of other lame excuses that you provide. Yet here you are suggesting that failure to control a skid on an unseen 300 metre oil spill is somehow a licencing issue?! Before NZTA consider not giving licences out to people who cannot control skids on oil, perhaps they should not give them to people who cannot do the basics like roundabout and bends. I am starting to wonder if truck drivers think they are Romans and all the roads are straight?

Read the story Wally

Posted on 16-01-2018 14:53 | By maildrop

Unless skid-pan training becomes part of obtaining a licence I think it is unreasonable to expect most proficient drivers to be able to control a skid on a 300 metre stretch of oil. In fact, not many professional racing drivers could manage it over that distance. What we should be questioning here is the "contractors" and Police. It clearly wasn’t made safe. Laziness.


Posted on 16-01-2018 10:52 | By Capt_Kaveman

thats what happens when the likes of VTNZ give out licences + nz driver training is pretty substandard

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