Car crashes into power pole

Roading crews working to clear the crash scene.

A car smashed into a power pole causing it to fall across the road near The Lakes roundabout.

Police were called to the crash at the intersection of Takitimu Drive and State Highway 29, around 8.30pm.

A police spokesperson says there were no injuries reported as a result of the crash.

“The pole came down across two lanes and was blocking.”

Contractors were called to clear the pole from the scene.

A witness who drove past the crash says she saw a tyre standing upright in the middle of the road.

“I was coming from Bethlehem along Cambridge Road down the hill and pulled over to tell the road crews about a tyre standing upright at the intersection of Cambridge Road and SH29.

“So weird it was just standing on end in the middle of the oncoming lane.”

It’s unclear if the tyre in the middle of the road is related to the crash.

Police are investigating the cause.


Did I miss something?

Posted on 20-01-2018 00:11 | By The Caveman

The driver of the car, USED the car to crash into the power pole. If the driver had not been driving the car, the CAR would not have crashed into the power pole !!!!


Posted on 19-01-2018 14:36 | By socantor01

Wrong Headline: should read "Driver successfully hits target after aiming for power pole".


Posted on 19-01-2018 09:17 | By cantab

Since when did trees and power poles start growing legs, time they stopped jumping out at cars.

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