Omokoroa water taxi service a no-go

Glen Proctor on board his water taxi. Photo: Tracy Hardy.

It was half an idea that didn’t quite take off – the proposed water taxi to Tauranga from the Omokoroa Peninsula.

The idea was the brainchild of local ferryman Glen Proctor.

“We kicked it around, but it didn’t come to anything,” he says.

The proposed Omokoroa-to-Tauranga water taxi was seen as a possible solution to traffic congestion on State Highway 2.

“But since the Te Puna roundabout went in, the traffic has eased,” says Glen. “It’s flowing much better, so we didn’t worry about a water taxi too much.”

Local residents were quite keen on the idea of a service between the Omokoroa Boat Club and The Strand until they found out how much it was going to cost.

“They decided it would be much better to sit in the traffic and wait like everyone else,” says Glen.

It also looked like there would be passengers some days and not others. That wouldn’t have worked, according to Glen. “We decided not to go there.”

Glen operates the barge to Matakana. “We have more than enough work on the barge to keep us going – we are going seven days a week, so we don’t need to go chasing more work with a water taxi. “Everything is good.”

For now, at least, the idea of a water taxi from Omokoroa to Tauranga has slipped quietly beneath the waves.



Posted on 24-01-2018 14:33 | By maildrop

You’ve misunderstood. I don’t expect anybody to walk from Omokoroa to Tauranga. I was making a bigger point but it’s lost on you as you take everything literally. I have no objection to a "user pays", commercially viable, unsubsidised, water taxi service that can also obtain the land for "park n ride". Therein lies of the problems. Good luck

Laughable? No, it's not. It's serious.

Posted on 22-01-2018 09:15 | By Bruja

So, let me see maildrop, you’re thinking that the appalling situation on SH2 would be sorted if only all the naughty folk living North of the city would ’walk to work’. In fact, walk to Tauranga for any reason. Not a huge grip on reality really. Let’s look at the ’big picture’, the obviously simply intelligent partial solution, which is needed NOW, and get the water-taxi underway.


Posted on 21-01-2018 20:12 | By maildrop

Me love car. No like walk anywhere. That’s the problem. And all those thousands of commuters in Te Puna and Matakana are crying out for a door to door service paid for by ratepayers! Hilarious. God help us if GM ever gets in again.


Posted on 21-01-2018 12:27 | By Bruja

Well Murray, if you’ve had to come inot Tauranga from the North any time n the last year you’ll know that even rowing in a dinghy would get you there faster so I don’t believe a ’lack of speed’ would be an issue unless the taxi can only manage walking pace.

By Bruja

Posted on 21-01-2018 11:58 | By Capt_Kaveman


Very disappointing BUT hardly surprising.

Posted on 21-01-2018 10:36 | By Murray.Guy

The BOP Regional Council should be looking at Water Taxi options VERY CLOSELY, Omokoroa, Matakana, Te Puna, Salisbury Wharf and the Strand Waterfront, with a willingness to provide it the same or greater level of support they do the buses. This option reduces cars and the buses required off our roads, however, the investment in carrying capacity and efficiency (speed) would have to equal that of Brisbane City and their ’fast cats’ for any hope of the business case stacking up, for passenger appeal!

Water Taxi

Posted on 21-01-2018 09:30 | By Bruja

Well I think some level of Council or Government subsidy should be involved here to MAKE it work. The traffic may be a nightmare now but wait till all those new houses in Omokoroa have people living in them and Munro Road subdivision too? People are going to need a packed lunch to travel to Tauranga, not to mention the human cost and financial cost of the increased accident rate! It’s so obviously a great and necessary idea.

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