It’s kind of, you know, trendy

I sort of think that teachers of English grammar should have a conversation with those whose speech is peppered with the latest ‘in’ words such as ‘you know’ and ‘kind of’. 

And to be honest, the rate of vocal flow is remarkable. In terms of conflict-solving it does not matter if the conversation results in a kind of resolution or a truce, or zero, just having it is the thing.

And yeah, I mean, what is the linguistic phenomenon all about? Just the speaker feeling trendy?

Anyway, scientists are studying, you know, the sounds made by human voices, by birds and fish.  The research shows our vocal learning becomes subconscious after a time. 

So I am worried this new vocabulary might be, like, here to stay. It is incredible, the words are more infectious than the mumps and they have pretty much gone viral already. 

In terms of language evolution trendy talkers everywhere say them instead of the word ‘um’. The old ‘um’ has had its day. 

I think that to be a, sort of, social success a person will have to engage with the vernacular. I mean, like, you know, join the club.

Actually, writing the new eBooks about grammar could provide jobs for redundant 60-year-olds. Yeah, that would be kind’f nice. 

M Whitwell, Judea.


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