Sport BOP backing TECT proposal

Sport Bay of Plenty is backing the proposal by TECT trustees to transform the trust into a solely charitable venture. File photo.

Community organisation Sport Bay of Plenty is putting its weight behind the TECT proposal to transform the trust into a fully charitable venture, and is hosting three information sessions for the public on the matter.

The meetings will take place in Tauranga, Te Puke, and Katikati, and will be hosted by Sport Bay of Plenty staff with a TECT representative in attendance to outline the proposal and answer questions.

Sport Bay of Plenty chief executive Heidi Lichtwark says TECT currently plays a ‘vital role’ in supporting the development of our local sport and recreation sector.

“This is achieved both its annual funding to our organisation (in order for us to continue our work as advocates and facilitators within the sector) and its regular grants to local community groups.

“By becoming the TECT Charitable Trust, therefore significantly increasing the pool of funding available for the Tauranga and Western Bay of Plenty communities, more sport and recreation groups would be able to reach their full potential and in turn help our people achieve their goals.

“This is all for the benefit of an enriched Bay of Plenty. Whether you are an active participant or not, sport and recreation (in all its forms) is integral to helping create a vibrant, innovative and diverse cultural environment within our city.

“This environment then has a positive impact on the growth and development of our people and communities, and keeps growing our region for the betterment of generations to come. This is why Sport Bay of Plenty supports the organisation’s proposed changes.”

Creative Bay of Plenty general manager Meagan Davis says her organisation will also be hosting an information evening for their sector on Wednesday from 4/5pm.

“Creative Bay of Plenty has been a grateful recipient of TECT support previously. We hope the public will support the TECT proposal as a larger granting fund will enable arts and culture to thrive in our region.”

Sport Bay of Plenty TECT Proposal Information Sessions

February 9 – Village Cinema, Tauranga

February 12 – The Orchard Youth Hall, Te Puke

February 13 – Katikati Resource Centre

All sessions are at 12pm, with tea and coffee provided.


More poppycock than wisdom

Posted on 10-02-2018 15:11 | By Interesting ...

Changing who the beneficiaries are while keeping their shares solves nothing - therefore the Trustees excuses hold no water . Its scaremongering and lies to steal money not rightfully theirs . Lets not forget almost all were elected as they said they would protect the check . More than meets the eye here as their excuses dont hold up to scrutiny .

Wisdom of Solomon

Posted on 10-02-2018 09:58 | By carpedeum

After having been to an info meeting ....consider this.....virtually 80% of TECT consumers trust income comes from Trustpower dividends from the 83 million shares they hold .The Cheques we get come from that (and other investments ) Their grants to the community groups are given to Trustpower users. This was all clearly stated at the set up time. With the uncertainty of the future of electricity pricing and perhaps even ownership of producer companies ( current Gvt policies , or the 51% of Trustpower shares owned by Infratil) etc etc I assume the reason for this proposal is to look to a secure future The Wisdom of Solomon plus a crystal ball is obviously required

Slippery Slope for Sport BOP

Posted on 09-02-2018 22:09 | By PukehinaExile

As a current board member of a community group - I understand how important it is to "support" donors with the information and protocols they need for their decision making. However Sport BOP is making a material mistake in crossing the line and actively becoming a lobbyist instead of a neutral and grateful recipient. When businessmen take over from sports administrators, it is a slippery slope to profit motive instead of supporting the athletes .... Sport BOP will suffer the future consequences of their actions and it will be the community that will suffer .....


Posted on 09-02-2018 19:55 | By Interesting ...

I too am suspicious with the mayor coming out in support and the mysterious delay for the museum , will that funding shortfall magically line up with these devious folk stealing money out of the pockets of their own community - shame on you all , step down and let those who know wiping 200 million off the company who makes your money was an appalling and unnecessary action take your place and do whats right - protect the cheque !

Sport BOP & Creative BOP

Posted on 09-02-2018 17:12 | By Taffy

Butt Out. Apart from some individuals being Trustpower customers your organisations are just receiptents of grants from Tect. How dare you organise information sessions trying to influence consumers to sign over our rights for the next 50 years for a paltry $2500 plus $360 for 5 years.Secondly and I hope it does either revert to the status quo or the majority vote to wind up the whole trust as a last resort.If it continues the current trustees should resign on mass and let the consumers vote in people whom are in favour of keeping the status quo.This current lot have burnt their bridges (no pun intended) Here,s to Protect our Cheque

@ rastus

Posted on 09-02-2018 15:28 | By MISS ADVENTURE

Yes, they do think that all arrived in the last shower, that they can jsut reel out some creative drival and that Joe-Public will simply fall into line all just hanging off that last word.

If I may

Posted on 09-02-2018 15:22 | By backofthequeue

I would like to expand on my earlier comment. Sport in New Zealand, outside of rugby, is woefully underfunded so I do not begrudge Sport BOP from supporting a proposition that would most likely benefit their position. That being said their decision to enter into this debate is wrong on so many levels that they are deserved of the derision evidenced within these comments.

Sport BOP

Posted on 09-02-2018 13:09 | By MISS ADVENTURE

Of course would support it as that would provide a much larger little nest egg to suck on even more than now. The Sports BOP mob are not exactly impartial here.


Posted on 09-02-2018 13:08 | By rastus

This surely has got to stop - this bribing of the Trustpower consumers (and subsequently TECT) consumers and then further fudging the issue with political rubbish from Sport BOP who at the end of the day are just more hangers on being well paid trying to further boost their supply of free money - what a laugh - do they think we just arrived with the last shower!


Posted on 09-02-2018 11:46 | By overit

why wouldn’t they.

Fairy Tales

Posted on 09-02-2018 09:55 | By Qalad

It is so sad that organisations such as this believe they will receive more funding. TECT have not specified who will get the extra money. But it is obvious it will be big ticket white elephants such as the Museum and an Indoor Rugby Stadium, why else do they need to steal $12,500 of my money from me. Yes they want to give me $2,500 and steal $12,500.


Posted on 09-02-2018 09:49 | By Laurie

with you Murray - the organisations who stand to benefit most from the proposed change should stay right out of the public discussion - its not a good look for them.Thank fully someone has started a facebook page ’Protect the Cheque’ supporting the status quo.


Posted on 09-02-2018 08:41 | By Marshal

Wow "Integrity" now there is a word you rarely see associated with regional government or Business interests these days.. The whole idea looks like a case of wealth redistribution / compulsory donations.. lol


Posted on 09-02-2018 08:40 | By R1Squid

The Trust has another source of income, with the mass migration away from the most expensive electricity provider in New Zealand, Sport BOP is likely to end up with less dollars. TECT’s announcement last week, had the immediate effect of lowing Trustpower’s share price.

Sport BOP

Posted on 09-02-2018 08:18 | By backofthequeue

No surprises there!

Almost EVERY Time ...

Posted on 09-02-2018 07:14 | By Murray.Guy

... it is self interest, and dollars BEFORE integrity. So very disappointing. Like the child that steals from mum’s purse trying to validate his/actions, ’but mum’, I needed xyz and ...

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