Car rolls by Pyes Pa School

There are no reports of any injuries in the crash. Photos: Andrew Campbell.


A driver of a vehicle which rolled outside of Pyes Pa School is reported to have escaped injuries.

A police media spokesperson says the incident happened just after 8am.

“There was a single-vehicle crash between Joyce Rd and Oropi Gorge Rd in Pyes Pa about 8.13am.

“No cars were blocking the road at the time of the crash and no one is reported to be injured.”


A car has rolled on Pyes Pa Road.

A caller to the 0800 SUNLIVE news hotline says a car has rolled on Pyes Pa Road, near Pyes Pa School.

They say two people are in the vehicle but are unsure if there are any injuries.

Emergency services have been called to the scene.


More Speed Signs needed

Posted on 16-02-2018 22:42 | By kinakat

New Zealand have their speed signs to far apart compared to other countries why is that?

I often wonder

Posted on 16-02-2018 22:33 | By kinakat

If we actually have a speed limit in Tauranga anymore! People just drive friggin fast all the time for what reason. Because they can.

Excess speed..

Posted on 16-02-2018 21:38 | By groutby

....if you cannot handle a vehicle is certainly more of a problem, but if you are a crap driver then even though you may be driving slowly, you will still have problems!...just slower ones!)...the thing is, many drivers (not ALL young ’uns either) think they are good if not great drivers, until the proverbial hits the some perhaps many cases mobile ’phone ’activity’..simply lack of experience, (maybe young), slow reaction time (maybe old)...I tend to agree with clingon, it’s not all about speed, it’s just not. Lack of concentration (becoming more evident these days = single vehicle incidents) , lack of experience and simply a "Wild West" attitude surely are factors. I think the Police have got it wrong, continually. They need to push a message for sure, quality of driving and concentration, let’s start at the top of the cliff, rather than the bottom....

100km is NOT fine.....

Posted on 16-02-2018 17:53 | By Bruja

WE ALL travel too fast. There is NO ’allowance’ for error/weather etc etc. THAT is why people die/are injured. At 100km/hr there is NO ’room’ for the unexpected. We do NOT need to travel at these speeds. We simply do not need to. End of. Clingon, you, like any others need to ’take a chill pill’ and just SLOW DOWN.Ask the ambulance drivers, ask the police, ask the hospital staff whether they agree with me or you. YOU are part of the problem.


Posted on 16-02-2018 16:43 | By Kenworthlogger

If you want to drive slower than the speed limit then that is fine, but please move left and let those of us that can safely drive faster do so.

@ Bruja

Posted on 16-02-2018 16:42 | By BennyBenson

Nothing wrong with the speed limits. I am quite capable of driving the current speed limits in my car and slowing down if and when deemed necessary. The problem is the general lack of driving skills in this any speed.

100km is fine

Posted on 16-02-2018 13:31 | By clingon

The present limit is ok bruja, in fact it was deemed not high enough on some roads so they increased it to 110kph. You can travel at 80 if you like but move over to the left and let me past as i travel safely at the present speed limit...

Speeding Past School Bus & School

Posted on 16-02-2018 12:54 | By Road Ranger

Hope the police also speak to the driver regarding his speed past the stationary school bus (20kmph) and thru the school zone. This accident was less than 100 metres from parked school bus.

speed thrills

Posted on 16-02-2018 09:51 | By hapukafin

Dont blame the road,its the driver,you either not concentrating on your driving ,able to to handle your car,or the condition of your car.


Posted on 16-02-2018 09:02 | By Bruja

Yes there can be mitigating circumstances for crashes BUT the bottom line is we are ALL driving TOO FAST!!!SLOW DOWN EVERYONE!!! I made a suggestion of decreasing speed limits to 30km and 80km and got (mostly) laughed at. It’s impossible they said, can’t be done. WHY NOT??? Imagine the government comes out and says, "ok we’re dropping the speed limits to 30km and 80km from 1st May" (for example). We would ALL just get used to driving slower, planning for trips to take slightly longer, that’s all, no drama, not impossible at all. And the accident rate would fall, the deaths and injuries would fall, the hospital costs would fall etc etc.The fact is that we need to slow down but being the idiotic humans that we are, we won’t, unless we are forced to. It’s actually not rocket science, it’s plain and simple common sens

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