SH2 must be upgraded - Muller

Traffic congestion on SH2 last year.

Bay of Plenty MP Todd Muller is echoing the frustrations of the local community who are petitioning both the Bay of Plenty Regional Council Transport Committee and the Government to commit to funding for State Highway 2. 

“For this road to be listed at number 11 on the regional transport committees list of priorities is an utter disgrace. The community is outraged, and quite rightly so," says Todd.

“You don’t need to see that statistics to know this stretch of road has the highest death and accident rate of any State Highway in New Zealand – all you need to see are the white crosses lining the sides of the road where families have lost loved ones."

Todd wants funding to go towards:

-       a full continuous four lane expressway from Tauranga to Katikati;

-       a grade-separated connection from Omokoroa onto State Highway 2 and;

-       the Katikati Bypass. 

“Every time you pull onto SH2 you get a real sense that you are taking your life into your hands.

“Under a National Government this stretch of road would have been treated as a Road of National Significance – because that is exactly what it is.

“Unfortunately the Labour Government doesn’t share our view and is instead prioritising pet projects like trams in Auckland.

“The Minister of Transport, Phil Twyford, should come down from his office on the 6th floor of the Beehive and drive the road himself at 7.45 in the morning or at the very least front our community, look them in the eye, and explain why this road isn’t a priority for his Government.

“I have a total appreciation of the frustration the community is feeling and my promise to them is that I will continue to push this issue as hard as I can in Wellington on their behalf."


Political Grandstanding NOTHING MORE!

Posted on 22-03-2018 20:15 | By Bruja

YOUR government had nine LONG years to do something! You DID nothing! Actually, NOTHING! How dare you LIE about Labour not being interested!!! They have been in power for about 4 months and have done more positive things in that time than your lot did in nine LONG years!!!! Utter disgrace! :(

Police comment is correct!

Posted on 10-03-2018 20:01 | By triplediamond

People cause crashes not roads!The fact that there is far more traffic just increases the numbers of our idiot drivers using the road... plain and simple.The fact is this... slow down, be patient and drive to the conditions. The road is crowded so drive accordingly. For goodness sake, this is just common sense.STOP BLAMING THE ROADS!If you live in an area where the road is so crowded make some decisions....move or get over it!

People were complaining back in the early 90's...

Posted on 10-03-2018 17:15 | By jed

I remember this road used to be littered with crosses back in the 90’s, and was a well known death spot. Here was are , nearly 30 years later still arguing what to do, but probably with quadruple the traffic.

Todd Muller – the only disgrace is your grandstanding

Posted on 10-03-2018 15:44 | By Tamati TK

on this sensitive subject together with regular unwarranted attack and demolish opposition style political bull ____. Not something you should be proud of at all. Since being out of government, this new divisive style of yours is not admirable or good for the country in any way and is definitely a new low in my book.


Posted on 10-03-2018 11:27 | By phoenix

Can any government force those in charge of improving road safety,actually do what every-one is demanding? Just asking.

Told you

Posted on 10-03-2018 09:21 | By Kenworthlogger

Its bad drivers like you that are causing all the deaths. If someone is doing 60 all the way and you are late to work and stuck behind them relax and be patient. Dont do the suicidal overtake and kill your self, I dont want to have to see the mess under my rig. People like you are the problem. Im sure your boss would rather have you late at work than dead and gone forever...

Own goal of the Year.......

Posted on 08-03-2018 18:02 | By URKidding

so far.Keep up the entertainment Mr Muller.

What a cheek!!!

Posted on 08-03-2018 10:05 | By Babs

The past years have left us with crisis levels in so many areas. Far too much emphasis was placed on economy and growth without much thought given to social needs, city planning or in this case road infrastructure. Now you try to misdirect blame. Your Party (whats left of it) are to blame for this! What a cheek you have saying what you do, have you no shame? I think you might get another surprise next election as many people like me still believe in fairness and truth above politics.

The Road of Shame!

Posted on 08-03-2018 09:43 | By leighmac

Four lanes out to Katikati, 4 lanes over Thomson’s track. Thats the least for NZ’s biggest port. National did nothing, what will labour do! If we in the Pacific it would be done tomorrow.

Hot air politics from Muller & Co

Posted on 08-03-2018 07:46 | By babyG

Mr Todd Muller or Mr Simon Bridges are certainly not in any position to pass judgement on the lack of progress on the upgrade of this road. Many of these commentators are right; this was brought about during National’s nine year term with nothing being done. Just lots of talk with no planning, much like the way our councils function. People like this offer little more than hot air media politics that deliver no solutions. Whinge, moan and gripe all you want Muller & Co, but we all know that this should have been dealt with years ago before the explosion of development in Omokoroa and other areas. Stop massaging your own ego, whilst denigrating others.

I would say......

Posted on 07-03-2018 21:47 | By groutby

...Todd’s comments have got some traction for him within the political scene, but it is refreshing to hear from one of many who patrol this stretch of road having the gonads to say it the way it is..Snr Sergeant Hunter has confirmed most thinking peoples suspicion (without available facts to us general public) that it is mainly drivers and NOT...NOT excess speed as the major cause of problems. At last, some genuine common sense, thank you Mr Hunter. Yes, excess speed is a problem, but as he says: "People say it is a killer highway. It is not the highway but the people driving it. It is close to 100 per cent driver fault,’’ said Western Bay of Plenty head of road policing, Acting Senior Sergeant Wayne Hunter."...well, there you have it, at last, WE motorists are the bigger problem by far, sadly WE don’t seem to realise it..

Same old from Mr Muller

Posted on 07-03-2018 20:31 | By GrahamTGA

Maybe you should ask Mr Bridges what on earth National have been doing about this for the past nine years. Answer - NOTHING. Whilst I agree this road needs urgent attention let’s not kid ourselves that this mess (and others) came about on your watch. Any new government have a massive task ahead trying to fix all the shortfalls of the past 9 years of neglect in not only roading, but housing, education, healthcare, mental health, law & order, fisheries, the environment etc etc etc You would think that by now you be a little more reserved in your comments and stop laying the blame on others.


Posted on 07-03-2018 20:01 | By Merlin

Easy to jump on the band wagon of local people now Todd after nine years


Posted on 07-03-2018 19:58 | By Merlin

What Todd is really saying I am sorry we spent money on flag referendums and cycle ways where lives were not at risk and did not deal with state highway 2 after nine years in Government.Pathetic to talk about it now.


Posted on 07-03-2018 19:58 | By Merlin

What Todd is really saying I am sorry we spent money on flag referendums and cycle ways where lives were not at risk and did not deal with state highway 2 after nine years in Government.Pathetic to talk about it now.


Posted on 07-03-2018 19:52 | By Merlin

What Todd is really saying I am sorry we should have taken action when we were in government instead of wasting money flag referendums and cycle ways where peoples lives are not at risk and upgraded state highway two when we where in Government.So pathetic.


Posted on 07-03-2018 19:51 | By Merlin

What Todd is really saying I am sorry we should have taken action when we were in government instead of wasting money flag referendums and cycle ways where peoples lives are not at risk and upgraded state highway two when we where in Government.So pathetic.


Posted on 07-03-2018 19:29 | By Merlin

Nine years in Government and all we got was a toll road on other side of Tauranga. Now Todd comes out and says this and that should be done what a joke you have not even fixed the bridges of Mr Bridges yet.You are becoming a joke.


Posted on 07-03-2018 19:17 | By maildrop

Brass neck on it. Did he spend 9 years asleep? What did he actually do? I’m actually embarrassed for him. He knows people can see through it but Simon says get stuck in so off he goes. Cringe.


Posted on 07-03-2018 18:24 | By Told you

A police spokesman said this road is fine and it is the drivers that are at fault,I think he needs to reconsider this statement and try getting behind a 60km motorist with no where to pass and you are trying to get to work on time.Hardly the drivers fault.

Bit Rich

Posted on 07-03-2018 18:13 | By Told you

9 years in Govt and now come out with this,why wasnt this road important when you were in power,I think you had better have look at yourself and your statements.


Posted on 07-03-2018 17:38 | By tundra

Hopefully you ignore the negative comments. Appreciate anything moving FORWARD.

Bethlehem By-Pass

Posted on 07-03-2018 16:49 | By JimBob

This Bethlehem bypass is meant to be in the planning, combine the upgrade to SH2 with the Bethlehem Bypass and save tax payers money and lives.Bethlehem is growing at a big rate and congestion is mad at times. do the Bypass and Upgrade and save lives

Common Sense

Posted on 07-03-2018 16:45 | By JimBob

I ask Todd where has the plan gone for the Bethlehem bypass as i do not see the point of spending a heap money fixing this road now then in 2 years spending more money to do the bypass.Common sense would say "right this road needs to be fix now lets combined the bypass and the fix all in one and get it done now before more needless deaths

Mr Muller

Posted on 07-03-2018 16:30 | By waiknot

Great thought shame you didnt have that thought when you were in a position to do something.


Posted on 07-03-2018 16:10 | By MichaelB

So this road didn’t deserve any consideration in the last 9 years when you had every available opportunity to fix it. Suddenly you have forgotten just how slack your previous administration were with infrastructure lagging well behind growth. Best not to sound so whiney and admit you and yours have failed this community and nation big time.

Dear Mr. Muller

Posted on 07-03-2018 16:06 | By URKidding

Mr Muller, you were nine years in government, what action did you take?

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