Kitten saved after act of cruelty

The kitten had been left to drown in a container filled with water. Supplied photo.

A Tauranga man has made a gruesome discovery, in what he is describing as a ‘disgusting act of cruelty’.

Josh Young says he was skating past the Warehouse on Cameron Road when he spotted what looked to be a protein shaker container moving.

“I was thinking what’s happening, something’s moving inside it. So I opened it up and found the shaker had been filled with water and there was a kitten drowning in it.

“The lid was on it too. I grabbed the kitten out, tipped the water out and dried it off.”

He also found another two kittens nearby. Unfortunately they were dead.

“Two others had both drowned in a big barrel separate to this one, but they were a similar colour.

“They are only about three or four weeks old I think and shouldn’t be off their mum to be honest.”

He says he isn’t sure who did it but he’s grateful he could save at least one of the kittens.

“Some of my friends are going to take it to a vet but this is not on, people are so cruel.

“When I found it I was really upset people could do this to something so little and innocent, I actually cried.”

Josh says he’s spent his last bit of money on kitten milk to feed it.

“It’s wrapped up warm at a friend’s at the moment, it seems fine and meows a lot.

“I can’t keep him or her but after making a post about the whole incident online a lot of people have said they want it.

“I’ll re home it after it’s healthy again and make sure it goes to a safe nice home and loving family.”

Josh has named the kitten.

“A lot of people cried over this, I’ve named the one I’ve found Lucky, because it’s lucky I found it.”


Would love to

Posted on 11-03-2018 21:17 | By Tgaboy

Find the person that did it and drown them the same way.

Lucky Kitten

Posted on 08-03-2018 16:26 | By Joanne

Thank you, Josh, for your kindness to this precious little life.

poor animals

Posted on 08-03-2018 15:39 | By tundra

bloody disgusting that humans can be so god damn cruel...


Posted on 08-03-2018 14:20 | By BennyBenson

There are some disgusting people around. SPCA should check Warehouse and local businesses to see if there are any cameras around that captured who did this. Good work Josh for caring, this little kitten is Lucky indeed.


Posted on 08-03-2018 13:04 | By The Hobbit

What an awful act of cruelty!!! Well done Josh for rescuing this kitten.


Posted on 08-03-2018 12:47 | By overit

Well done. Lucky will have a nice life now.

I once saw a bumper sticker

Posted on 08-03-2018 10:45 | By Seriously?

that said "People Suck" - and some people really really do. And it has been said that the human race is the most destructive and cruellest species on this planet. It is nice to see that people like Josh go some way to restoring one’s faith in humanity.

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