SH2 closed following serious crash

The crash scene on SH2 this afternoon.

Motorists are being advised to expect delays after a three car crash on State Highway 2, south of Katikati.

Three people have been injured following the crash on SH2, near Apata Station Road.

"One person is seriously injured and a helicopter has been requested," says a statement from police.

"The road is closed and diversion are in place. The serious crash uinit has been advised."

The NZTA says SH2 is currently closed between Esdaile Road and Wainui South Road.

“The NZ Transport Agency is advising people to please delay their journeys or avoid the area if possible.

“People can stay up to date by calling 0800 4 HIGHWAYS or they can check for state highway closures on the website.”


Speed reduction please NZTA

Posted on 18-03-2018 08:29 | By Incendiary

As a frequent traveller on this road I reluctantly admit that the speed limit needs to be further reduced. A maximum speed of 80km from Katikati to Tauranga, with a further reduction to 70km at Omokoroa, Whakamaramara and Pahoa intersections. At least until future road safety improvements are completed. The road is very busy, a combination of driver impatience, and risks taken at intersections. Additionally the amount of people I see on phones and checking devices, really disappointing. A honey pot for the cops, Yes but might help get the message through.

Wait for it...

Posted on 16-03-2018 17:46 | By comfortablynumb

I suppose were going to get the usual responses from its the driver and not the road brigade shortly. I drive a large vehicle four times a day on this road and let me tell you it IS dangerous. Narrow bridges, bad cambers, dangerous junctions into side road, pot holes and blind corners. Admittedly I see idiots every day on this road risking life and limb and they will still drive like morons even when this stretch of road is finally made safer. Its the poor innocent motorist going about their day and their families I feel sorry for when the police knock on their door with some heartbreaking news.

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