Member’s bill to tackle litter drawn

Coromandel MP Scott Simpson’s private member’s bill has been drawn, which will increase penalties for litterers. File photo.

Proposals to hike fines for littering could be a step closer following the drawing of Coromandel MP Scott Simpson’s private member’s bill today.

Scott says an increasing frustration at the level of litter and fly-tipping has motivated him to take action.

“The current laws allow councils to issue infringement offences for littering, but people don’t seem to be getting the message.

“Councils need more tools to help prevent littering and keep our communities safe and clean. This bill will see the maximum infringement councils can impose increase from $400 to $1000. This will send a clear message to those who litter that it is entirely unacceptable.

“By increasing the maximum fine there will be a greater deterrent for littering while avoiding using the courts which is expensive and time consuming.

“I acknowledge that catching people in the act is an issue, but I’m hoping that in promoting this bill and raising greater awareness, we will remind people to keep an eye out for those who may be illegally dumping waste.

“We are a clean and green country and need to be tougher on litter to ensure we remain so.”

Scott is keen to engage with the community on other measures that will lead to a decrease in litter.


More Bins

Posted on 23-03-2018 09:46 | By Tauranga Ratepayer

I agree with golly gosh more bins required. You should follow the exsample of Picton. On the waterfront there they have three bins together two for recycling and one for waste. These are larger than the ordinary bins that we have. There must have been over six sets of them just on the waterfront area. Because they were brightly painted they looked good and didnt look out of place.

golly gosh

Posted on 22-03-2018 17:06 | By old trucker

Mr Simpson settle down, people are putting rubbish there because its a RUBBISH BIN. ITS NOT their fault if its full to over flowing, empty it more often, OR put a bigger bin in ,LETS say a skip, tell the LAZY CONTRACTOR to do his job properly, this would help, at least the rubbish is not thrown anywhere,if you put fine from $400 to a $1000 you will bring a lot of comments back to you through social media, GOSH this is SIMPLE (BART) empty more often and the PROBLEMS GONE, SIMPLE. this is my thoughts only on this subject, GOSH when Councillors start FLEXING their WEIGHT, it makes me sick with all this POWER HAPPY STUFF,its a SIMPLE FIX, Fix it and it will go away,other wise it affects your health,like it did mine,Heart attack) from Power Happy foreman that was a BULLY, Sunlive, Thankyou, 10-4 out.phew.

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