Thousands support SH2 petition

A crash on SH2 north of Tauranga. File photo.

A petition, supported by nearly 7000 people, protesting the priority given to upgrading State Highway 2 north of Tauranga is being lodged online today.

The petition has collected a total of 6852 signatures, and is one of many submissions being made to Bay of Plenty Regional Council in regards to the Regional Land Transport Plan.

Omokoroa resident Gillian MacColl says the petition is a result of a passionately engaged community.

“We’ve attracted way more signatures than I expected, I thought if we would’ve got 2000-3000 that would have been fantastic but this whole petition and protest has grown legs.

“Te Puna and Katikati have also asked to come on board, who together have contributed nearly 1200 signatures to our total in the last three days.”

Chairman of the Omokoroa Community Board Murray Grainger will be lodging the submission today alongside speaking to the submission hearing on April 11 or 12.

Submissions towards the plan close at the end of the day.

“This will give us some feedback on where we stand, but it all rolls out over quite a length of time,” says Gillian.

“We hope we can get through. There’s been an awful lot of press about the feelings of people in the Western Bay.

“From an emotional point of view everyone is very supportive of the petition, but from a factual point of view the number of accidents we have on this road are the highest in New Zealand when you consider the volume of traffic.

“The fatal and serious injuries that occur here are by far, in a way, some of the highest in New Zealand and the road just needs to be fixed.

“Omokoroa is such a growing area and the roads are not up to handling this volume of traffic as it is, with new people coming into the area it’s just going to exacerbate that even more.”

Gillian says hopefully, by residents having their voice heard, a change will happen.

“It’s not only this group submission we are putting forth, we’re also encouraging individuals to put their submissions through as well.

“I think regional council will be surprised about how much engagement there will be from the community.”

SunLive has contacted Bay of Plenty Regional Council for comment on the submissions.


@ Road Ranger

Posted on 24-03-2018 06:53 | By Told you

Please read what I wrote,it is the complete opposite to what you think. I do not support the Police in saying it is the drivers that are entirely at fault,The road is just too narrow for the volume of traffic with very room for error if a mistake is made,No escape routes, Little passing lanes,Narrow shoulders or none at all,Very poor exits to other roads with poor vision in some spots, Urgently needs to be upgraded before more more deaths occur.

The Drivers

Posted on 23-03-2018 16:27 | By JimBob

ok thebrads6, i have been first on the scene at 3 seperate accidents on this road and i actually travel this road daily so know it well thank you.At the 3 accidents it was all to do with the drivers, speed and lack of concentration.Politicians/councilors DO NOT drive us around. So as i stated earlier.

Couldnt agree more with JimBob

Posted on 23-03-2018 16:08 | By Angel74

how can it be the road, plenty of people drive it every day, get to where they need to be and back home again.................even the police have said that most of the accidents that have occurred on that stretch of road happened because of driver error!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Posted on 23-03-2018 16:05 | By JimBob

OK thebrads6 you clearly know who i am, where i live, what i do for a job.. good one hero

THE road!

Posted on 23-03-2018 15:20 | By thebrads6

Nice one JimBob! You obviously don’t have to risk your life every day on that section of road. The capacity of the road is exceeded by a long way. We, as humans, still have to drive our vehicles and we do make mistakes. Because this road is so overloaded, the smallest of mistakes leads to the biggest of crashes, the smallest of mistakes by 1 person, leaves many others with minimal options. Don’t blame the road, don’t blame the drivers, blame the politicians/councilors who allowed population growth into the area without ensuring the infrastructure was upgraded to cope

Driver Education & Better Enforcement

Posted on 23-03-2018 14:58 | By Road Ranger

I agree with JimBob & By Told You - drivers need to drive to the conditions because there is nothing wrong with the road, 99.9% of the drivers don’t have accidents. As with all roads the Police need to be more visible and start ticketing these drivers who are breaking the law. Some people are still using cellphones, exceeding the speed limit through road works and exceeding the speed limit towing trailers. Very poor driving standards on our roads - but nothing done about it !!

It is the road firstly

Posted on 23-03-2018 14:16 | By Gaz

At some stage, roads need to be made bigger, safer otherwise we would be still driving on horse tracks. SH2 is now many years behind what is a safe acceptable standard for roading, given the increased traffic volumes using it. More delays, and more blaming drivers, will only lead to more deaths. Fix SH2 before any more families lose loved ones pls.

Great result

Posted on 23-03-2018 14:00 | By comfortablynumb

The Its the drivers not the road brigade need to get their heads out of the sand. Nearly 7000 people disagree with you.This road needs upgrading ASAP as there are so many poor junctions that are badly marked and dangerous . As an example have you ever tried turning right from SH2 into Te Puna Quarry Rd? Like many other junctions there is no right turn median here and you risk life and limb being rear ended by through traffic heading south,or a head on collision by someone heading north to turn right into Snodgrass Rd. Also turning right out of Omokoroa Rd is dreadful too. The SH2 is full of bad cambers and narrow bridges. I drive a large vehicle four times a day on this stretch of road and its a nerve racking experience meeting a logging truck coming from the opposite direction on those bridges.


Posted on 23-03-2018 13:07 | By JimBob

If drivers actually drove to the condition and the road these accidents wouldn’t happen.Easy to blame the road but drivers are the ones in control of there own speed and driving.

Police Statement

Posted on 23-03-2018 12:59 | By Told you

There is nothing wrong with the road it is the drivers that are at fault, until the Police change their thinking it will be a uphill battle to get improvements on this Highway, I cant believe they ( the police ) have this attitude seems to me like that saying. Heads in the sand.

What's the answer to this one BOPRC???

Posted on 23-03-2018 11:02 | By Bruja

Travelling north and approaching the Omokoroa turnoff there is one of the ’waiting areas’ with stripes that stretches for about 4(?)car lengths. Sorry, don’t know what you call those. Anyway, currently, at any given time, there are anywhere between one and four cars waiting for their turn to play russian roulette and make the right turn across SH2 into Omokoroa Road. This is RIGHT NOW. What is going to happen shortly once there are 300 + more vehicles coming in and out of Omokoroa on a daily basis.? Where will all the extra cars sit waiting for their turn at russian roulette? Gonna be pretty scary to approach said area with a logging truck and trailer (plus the constant stream that is standard SH 2 these days :( ) in your rear vision mirror and suddenly you have NOWHERE TO GO!

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