Formal talks on climate change

Honorable James Shaw joined the forum. File photo.

A forum to discuss the effects of climate change has been held in Tauranga today.

The Sustainable Backyards Climate Action Speakers Forum focuses on Climate Change action and looks at ways to achieve net carbon zero by 2050.

“We have been fortunate to gather together a great group of speakers to address this urgent issue and to propose actions that can be taken by central government, local government business, communities and individuals in order to achieve the carbon neutral goal,” says Envirohub.

“The object of the forum is to link the proposed actions of the parties so that the audience understands the roles of each and how they can work together in order to be effective.

“There is no doubt that a national collaborative effort is essential if we are to meet the 2050 target.”

Speakers at the forum include Honorable James Shaw, Minister for Climate Change; David Cull mayor of Dunedin and president of LGNZ; Rod Oram; Jeanette Fitzsimons and Antoine Coffin and the moderator for the evening is Kate Frykberg former CE of the Todd Foundation and Chair of Philanthropy NZ.

The speakers forum will be followed by a community workshop, facilitated by Jeanette Fitzsimons tomorrow.


Riveting Event

Posted on 24-03-2018 12:54 | By Bazza 78

Gosh!,sorry I missed this one.A room full of humourless lefties, talking fairies at the bottom of the garden stuff.Maybe next time.Not.

Not fooled

Posted on 24-03-2018 08:40 | By rastus

The arrogance of these people who think they can come up with solutions to decisions that Mother Nature has contrived is beyond belief - take a look back at history people and you will see that Mother Nature has always decided what was going to happen with our climate - just another talkfest from those who believe they know better....

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