Anticipating a museum challenge

There are challenges facing the Cliff Road museum proposal. Photo: File.

Building a museum at Cliff Road is going to take considerable effort just to obtain authority to build on the site, according to an independent planning risk report on the Cliff Road museum proposal.

The report tabled at the City Transformation Committee meeting but not posted online with the agenda, estimates getting clearance to build on the Cliff Road site will cost between $2 and $3 million depending on the approach taken.

The recommended resource consent process is estimated to cost nearly $2 million and take two years. A plan change is estimated to cost close to $2.9 million and take three years and five months. A third option to seek designation over the site for museum purposes is estimated to cost a bit over $2 million and take about two years and four months.

In addition the council will require an archaeological authority to build on a site that is recognised as nationally significant.

“Given the archaeological and cultural significance of the site and the information requirements for an application for an authority, we anticipate that the process to obtain an authority to disturb the site will be a significant undertaking in its own right,” states the Enspire report.

The consultants recommend the council take the resource consent process because it is more likely to be familiar and transparent and accessible to the community at large. It is also less expensive, and has a shorter time frame.

“It enables a participatory approach while not attracting the same level of cost and risk as a combined resource consent plan change process which has the additional step of further submissions, and invites wider consideration of the appropriate use of the site,” says the report.

"The report provides more information to support Elected Members in their decision on the proposed museum investment as part of the Long Term Plan," says Chair of the City Transformation Committee, Larry Baldock.

About a third of the people consulted for the report do not support a museum at all. Most of the consultation took place during open days in the vintage car club rooms on the site.

"It arguably indicates a degree of risk that wold be applicable to any museum proposal regardless of its location and regardless of what planning authorisation requirements apply,” says the report.

The remainder are not philosophically opposed but do have a particular perspective on the matter.

About 16 per cent of the unknown number of people consulted support a museum on the site. About 25 per cent are neutral conditional or unclear in their support, and about 57 per cent do not support a museum on the site.

“This indicates that community views associated with the site cannot be clearly drawn,” says the report. “The number of respondents who were neutral would support the site if particular matters were addressed or whose positon was unclear from the comments they provided, insofar as there may be matters that can be mitigated and thus reduce the planning risk.”

Other recommendations include an analysis of the capacity of the site and surrounding area to accommodate parking demand and traffic.

Also to take measures to improve pedestrian connectivity to the site and undertake further investigation for managing or mitigating the potential noise levels generated by the Proposal, particularly for outdoor events.

Consultation on the Long Term Plan is now open and people are encouraged to make a submission by April 16.

Council will also be holding a referendum on the museum proposal as part of the by-election. People will be asked two questions:

“Do you support Tauranga City Council including a museum in the 2018/2028 Long Term Plan?”

“In terms of location of the museum, do you support: A – Cliff Road or B – Willow Street.”


yep, maildrop,

Posted on 16-04-2018 17:20 | By R. Bell

a bit like those illiterates who call "buck passing" book passing. Robin Bell.

Robin Bell

Posted on 16-04-2018 09:43 | By maildrop

Yeh, agree, same goes for illiterate people who do not know the difference between YOUR and YOU’RE! ;-)

@ betelgeuse

Posted on 10-04-2018 07:40 | By MISS ADVENTURE

The last poll on here @ Sunlive had only 5% supportive and some 65% against, so logical result of that is say a ratio of 1 in 14 or about 7.14% want it and 92.86% dont. A little hard to see why this scam still exists, ratehr hard to see how the results cant be comprehendend at TCC, most likely they are not liking the feed back to date and the prediction of final results, likely some 80% against. On that then no way should it happen. But of course TCC Councillors will "think" (a really danagerous thing) and they will "JUST KNOW" that it really means that ratepayers really do want it... get the picture?

@ Mein Fuhrer

Posted on 10-04-2018 07:34 | By MISS ADVENTURE

Excellant observation, well spotted, they wont like that little bit of truth in front of them.

Why New Building

Posted on 06-04-2018 11:24 | By Rikster11

Would it not be wiser for council to use an existing building in CBD as a temporary Museum to see if there is interest. If That does not make money over a period of time then they can just close it and walk away. if it is profitable then they could start thinking about a permanent building specially for the Museum.

Swiss Cheese

Posted on 06-04-2018 10:33 | By C Queen

The proposed CAPEX and OPEX costs for the standlone museum on Cliff Road has more holes in it than swiss cheese. Not to have included the costs of ALL relative consents is dishonest. I smell even more rats!

I would love it,

Posted on 06-04-2018 08:53 | By R. Bell

at Cliff road, but if that is not possible then Willow St. is the next best. The above article refers to Cliff road as a site. Nothing to do with the Museum as a concept.Betelgeuse is correct, and to add to it, if so many cannot even read correctly, how can they possibly form an opinion on anything? Robin Bell.

Yay.. Progress..

Posted on 06-04-2018 08:33 | By Marshal

The anti museum bunch.. A good name maybe.. Some of us have been around since rates were $175.00 annually, And 52 free rubbish bags collected free. Now they are several thousand dollars annually By my reckoning in another 40 or so years, rates will be like $20,000-00 annually. That’s without more over the top huge ticket items we don’t need.. Get rid of the councillors who think the city is there’s , They see themselves as some kind of financial wiz kids.. Not likely .!! They are in danger of crashing the gravy train.. LOL

Yes to a Museum

Posted on 06-04-2018 08:24 | By dookie

Yes I’m for Tauranga having a Museum but not at Cliff Road.

Just saying…. I think most on council are

Posted on 05-04-2018 22:03 | By GT in Bay of Plenty

both financially and morally bankrupt, and certainly not a good representation of our city and its people. So once again, more wasted money with Tauranga City Council having been found to be totally out of their depth. I would suggest we all meet at the beach on Saturday afternoon to pick 10 random people over 12 years of age, and let them run the city as councillors. They would probably do a far better job than this lot that are hopelessly lost at sea. Will any ever step down? - not on your life, they will have to be dragged away from the trough kicking and screeming about a positive contribution and job well done! Utter disgrace!!!!

The vitally important question

Posted on 05-04-2018 20:06 | By Centurion

is not being asked ... ’Do you support the proposal to establish a Tauranga museum? YES/NO’ Are TCC and museum proponents afraid to ask this?

Negative Sods

Posted on 05-04-2018 19:24 | By betelgeuse

Where does the "old trucker" source all his information.He always Quotes "No one wants it" Other like minders also seem pretty physic regarding what other people want as well.Every time a museum is mentioned it triggers off these negative souls and they lift their game and do their bit re forecasting for everyone else.Frankly I cant wait to see a museum at Cliff Rd. All of my friends love the idea as well and cant wait to see it start finally.We are missing out Tauranga so just suck it up.Its going to happen So lay off the nobody wants mantra

Just goes to show

Posted on 05-04-2018 16:47 | By old trucker

Do you notice there is not one TCC member NAMED in this, Immmmm,10-4 out. phew.

here we go again

Posted on 05-04-2018 16:45 | By old trucker

For crying out loud they are STILL ON ABOUT THIS, NOBODY wants it but they are persistent, my 2 pennies worth for what its worth,Thankyou, 10-4 out. phew.


Posted on 05-04-2018 16:15 | By astex

Can another question be added to the referendum? A confidence vote against this council, binding. They call in a commissioner if they lose and stand down.

we already have a museum

Posted on 05-04-2018 14:57 | By Mein Fuhrer

it’s called the CBD


Posted on 05-04-2018 13:29 | By

The museum should be in the city centre along with other amenities and the Council building should bein the suburbs.

Me no understand

Posted on 05-04-2018 13:26 | By rastus

With the high percentage of this random showing one wonders how a consultant can have the temerity to say’ The results cannot clearly be drawn/shown’ ARE YOU MAD - certainly exceeding a 50% determination and with the swingers this would logically increase to who knows where.Why TCC cannot understand simple desires of the majority of ratepayers is beyond comprehension - and who may I ask has paid this particular bunch of consultants - as if we did not know. Roll on the referendum and lets put this outdated concept to bed once and for all and at the same time show our council that we have had a guts full of their totally irresponsible governance


Posted on 05-04-2018 13:21 | By CC8

It has become more and more obvious that voters were misled by many of the current Councillors in the last election process.Deceptive and ambiguous statements of goals and ambitions for the city are now more easily seen in the light of performance. It is time that these people with personal agendas are weeded out before they take Tauranga down a path of NO RETURN. These councillors MUST be held accountable for election promises .


Posted on 05-04-2018 12:44 | By morepork

People who vote against the museum will be called Philistines, ungodly, blundering oafs and short-sighted anti-cultural bigots. (I have heard all of these epithets applied during discussion over a beer or around a dinner table. I am none of these and yet I WON’T be voting for a museum at this time. Why? Because we simply CANNOT AFFORD IT! It is something we certainly don’t need and the millions required can be much better spent. There are a number of people fiercely promoting this idea and every one of them, on investigation, stands to gain from museum construction. I WOULD support it if this generally well-off lobby was prepared to raise the funds themselves and Ratepayers paid NOTHING. Vote against it, and when you see evidence (in maybe 10 years) that there is a REAL attempt to reduce debt, THEN maybe reconsider.

TOLD YOU SO Mr Baldock!

Posted on 05-04-2018 12:26 | By Shimano

It’ll cost between 5&10 Mil before the first sod of soil is turned at this location. Do not kid the people of Tauranga, this museum will come in at between 80&110 Mil all in! While you are at it, you may as well start with the consent and rezoning of the surrounding residential and business properties that will need to be purchased by council and knocked down to make way for the parking of cars and coaches. Seeing as you are bowling along without even waiting for the outcome of the referendum, could you please give us a rough indication of the monetary buy in so far in terms of funding from the WBOP Council and Tauranga businesses, corporates and most importantly Iwi? If we are going to give birth to this elephant, we are going to need many strong hands and deep pockets to carry it for decades.


Posted on 05-04-2018 12:23 | By Kancho

So many things the council are under performing on and need to do better on. A museum is a nice to have but we still have to many other should haves before a museum. As to the site surely near a cliff isn’t a good earthquake risk.further out of the city in cheaper land. But surely traffic flow problems need a lot more money and better recycling and more water pressure and infrastructure etc etc.

more wastage

Posted on 05-04-2018 12:16 | By dumbkof2

the second question is very loaded. if i tick no to a museum how can i possibly tick for either site. if i tick either site, tcc would take this as yes to a museum. should add 3rd option, neither site

Time wasters

Posted on 05-04-2018 11:58 | By Told you

I am getting angry with the TCC wasting time and money persering this museum site,the majority of ratepayers do not want this unaffordable building,as will be proved by the referendum,so just get on with fixing the roads etc.

Insanity , corrupt or BOTH?

Posted on 05-04-2018 11:27 | By Murray.Guy

Bordering on ’INSANITY’, and clearly corrupt as no one in their right mind looking to secure best outcomes for our community would contemplate such as structure on this waahi-tapu and geologically unstable and very restrictive site - ESPECIALLY SO with so many options that tick so many more boxes!


Posted on 05-04-2018 11:25 | By MISS ADVENTURE

At a location fostering support, pushing the barrow as it were shows 57% against, + 25% more uncertain, a wooping 82% are not supporting it. That is from a mob of "supportive" people attending. Based on this TCC ratepayers are doomed, because the more opposition there is the more likely TCC will be desperate to do it. The prime reason, its a disaster they just have to!

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